Saturday, February 11, 2017

Enzo Book one of The Wolves Den #Scifi #Paranormal #Romance #Twistandtiurns

Deja's world was off kilter. Everything went wrong, but she was determined to get back on the right track. She needed a job and today was going to be her day. When she stood on the bottom step of a club that looked like an old time gentleman's club, she knew her life was about to change.

Enzo watched her as she stood on the bottom step of his club and life as he knew it was over. HUudred's of years of staying off the government's radar might be going up in smoke, but he might be willing to give everything up for time with her.

His life changed when Deja barged in, and now she was shaking everything up, and he loved every minute of it. The enemy of his people, as well as her people, wanted her dead. There was going to be a fight. What else could he do but let his beast out? No one was taking her away.

“How do you feel?” He reached out and stroked her cheek.

“I feel better now that I’ve eaten, thank you.”

“Good.” He stood and reached for her pulling her to her feet. He drew her slowly to his body giving her time to protest. Then lowered his lips to taste her.

Her hands went to Enzo’s shoulders drawing him closer wrapping herself in his scent that was as wild as the taste of his kiss. Her body rested against his as she tried to get closer to him.

Her arms held him tight as she ground her body against him just a little liking the feel of his hard dick against her. She pulled away suddenly. “I’m sorry are you okay? I didn’t hurt you?”

“What do you mean?” His eyes were bright again, but this time, she could see the confusion in them, and her cheeks started to redden.

She didn’t mean to call attention to her weight, but she didn’t want to hurt him. She had a boyfriend once who insisted on going to the ER because he said she leaned on him. Needless to say, that ended their relationship, but it did make her more cautious with men.

“I thought I might have hurt you.”

He shook his head still looking baffled. “You’re too little to hurt anyone.”

He pulled her into his arms again scent marking her so everyone would know she was his.

“I think the law of the land says you can’t kiss me or hug me.” She used his wording from earlier.

“Good thing that law doesn’t apply to us.”

“It doesn’t?” she squeaked.

“Nope. Let’s get you back behind the bar.”

She nodded feeling the warmth of his muscles beneath her cheek. His scent was better than any cologne she ever smelled.

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