Thursday, February 23, 2017

Birthday-Eve Fun


How do you celebrate your birthday?

My birthday is on Friday the 24th.
And, I like to celebrate my special day in a couple ways.

  Obviously, there's the cake:

There's also the carb-indulging plate of spaghetti: 

I get to spend time with my awesome family:

And there's the presents.

But this year, there's something even sweeter that I get to celebrate for my birthday and that's my newest contract for my next vampire novel. I am so thrilled to be a new author at Hartwood Publishing. I am honored to join this amazing publishing house with the talented authors and great editorial staff. Mated in Treason is book 1 in my Kan Asma Vampire series. For those of you who are familiar with my Blood-Vine series, well this is the expanded universe. I can't wait share this book
with you.

So that's how my forty--cough-cough-cough-something birthday is going to be celebrated. Don't mind me and my sugar, carb, celebratory high tomorrow!

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jan lux said...

Can't wait for your new book to be released. And Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and a very talented writer.

Vivien Jackson said...

Yay for more Christa vamps out in the world! Also yay for spaghetti. Happy birthday!!