Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Picture a Blog

I'm sitting here, looking at the screen, thinking "what the heck do I say?" It's my turn to blog, and unlike many of my sister authors on this group, I don't have my article added already and scheduled to post. No... I jump on here at dinner thirty and try to think of something.

I've been working on book trailers lately, and have been perusing a really great site, so I thought I'd go over there and see if I could find an inspiring picture. On a whim, I typed "blog" into the search box, expecting "No results."

35 pictures came up. Most were icons or pictures of computers. They made sense in relationship to the word blog. And then there was this one. What the heck does this have to do with a blog?


Here are the keywords from the picture: beach, sea, water, boat, man, sky, coast, ocean, fish, sport, outdoors, recreation, people, fishing, fisherman, hobby, male, trout, rod, bass, catch, catching, blog.

Blog. Why? Maybe this was on someone else's blog? Maybe it's a theme picture for a blog about sailors? I don't get it.

There were some other pictures that struck me as odd as well. One was a bright glowing snowflake made of plastic or something, that you'd put outside at Christmas. A snowman that looked like he was in the same yard was just down the page a ways. And a picture of lit up presents wasn't far down from those.

I found two pictures of wallets, each with a pair of reading glasses atop them. Maybe if you have a blog, you need specs and have money. Right...


A huge house with formal gardens sat in the middle of the page. Its sophisticated appearance made me wonder as well. What in the world is the connection that would make you think "I need a picture of a mansion with gardens. What keyword should I use? I know! Blog." Nope. Just can't see it.

But there was one picture that probably has no more to do with blogs than any of the others I've mentioned, but for this blog, it actually works pretty well. It's the guy on the beach. He's not bad looking and has a nice body. Here are the keywords: beach, sea, water, man, sky, sun, shore, coast, ocean, blue, nature, summer, sand, vacation, holiday, relaxation, relax, coastline, wave, sandy, vacations, blog.

I might not have found it if I hadn't typed "blog" and hit enter, so who knows? Maybe an "off" keyword isn't all bad. But I don't think I'll add blog to the ones I use here.

Keywords are supposed to be keys to unlock an idea. Hmm. I guess the word blog worked for me. Maybe I should just be happy. 


Vivien Jackson said...

This is a fun post. I hadn't thought of it before, but I bet random Google Images searches could yield a whole bunch of story ideas. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, I've done that just to see what would pop up. I think you got a real bonus with that man on the beach pic... did you try sexy blog?

Vivien, image searches DO yield great ideas sometimes... and really weird images that have nothing to do with the search words.

Becca Simone said...

Kayelle, I'm right there with you for my Friday post. I'll probably write and post it late Thursday. LOL.

Fun post. Maybe I'll do the same for my Flirty Friday...

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Kayelle,

I do so know where you're coming from. Duh, it's my day on the blog, what the HECK can I talk about?

Your image search worked out well, though. If nothing else, it demonstrates the anarchy of the internet.


Kayelle Allen said...

You know, it's weird what pictures come up when you search for things. I've been so intrigued by odd pix that I times I ended up chasing bunnies down a trail, and now and then had a good idea come from it. If nothing else, it's fun to randomly click linked things and see where they take you. The weirdest I had was looking for images of "cat, ears" and ending up down the trail a ways to a blog that asked "Was Hitler a Christian?" I looked at that title and blinked. How in the world I went from one point to the other is still a mystery. The anarchy of the net is rampant, but it's also weirdly interconnected in ways we would never guess.

Kayelle Allen said...

btw, if you are curious, the site where I found these is It offers 10 free downloads a day, and for a fee, you can get premium pix as well. About 30 a month for around $10, which I guess makes them 30 cents @. Not too shabby a price, and some of the guys... wow! I came across the models on several recent romance books while searching here, including the hero and heroine from For Women Only!