Friday, October 22, 2010

Flirty Friday- The 3 T's of Sexting

I'm fairly new to texting and my husband is even newer. Since I first started texting last year I've learned a few tricks of the so-called trade. It's not only an easy way to stay in touch- it's a GREAT way to reach out and touch someone.

Touch their inner soul. Touch their rising libido.

Tease their imagination. Tease their already tempted sexuality.

And finally... tantalize their needs and desires.

From sending sweet little messages of love and admiration to down and out dirty sex talk- sexting is the ultimate way to arouse your partner.

Don't just send your partner the grocery list- send him or her your fantasy list.

Forget the "OK" and "Love you"- replace it with "I want you" or "I am so turned on right now".

Share brief sexual thoughts (ex. "Guess what I'm wearing right now?").

When the frenzy has built up make sure you follow through with it. Don't leave false hope...leave a lasting impression of pleasure and release.

**NOTE: Before hitting the send button- make sure it's going to the correct recipient.


Vivien Jackson said...

I'm new to the whole texting thing, too. I just can't get my mind around the idea that my phone is about business, not play. A Kindle reader app is helping change that, and some salacious texting just might be the ticket. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, yeah, the correct recipient is darn important... great advice for ramping up the love/sex tension.

Gem Sivad said...

Ugh, *blush* careful with the message or hubs might come home early. Been there, done that. :)