Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Surfing the Galactic Internet

Model: Wulf Gabriel
 I spend a lot of time online, catching up with friends, contacting my editor, critique buddies, checking out blogs, and general networking. I also like to shop when I get the chance. That's why I created Imperinet.

Just like us, I figured that people in the Tarthian Empire, a futuristic society across the galaxy, would have an Internet as well. Since everything in an empire is imperial, I decided to call it Imperinet.

In my books, the characters use Imperinet to shop, watch entertainment, sports, concerts, and so on. Although the mock up on my website isn't nearly as functional (or holographic) as the "real" one, it's still fun. In fact, clicking on some of the ads will take you the "company" website. There are also art galleries with art by various Tarthian artists. The fact that these also happen to be cover artists of my books is a mere *cough* coincidence.

For example, in the empire, you pay for things with a deb. Not a type of money, deb refers to a debit device, worn as a bracelet (like a watch), a pin, a necklace, or other jewelry. It's also a GPS unit. In the empire, your deb has a holographic screen that pops out, and you tap the name of the place where you want to go. It then signals you regarding direction, and will guide you to the right trains, hovercars, or transits. Alternatively, you can talk to it instead. This is handy for people from other worlds who aren't native speakers. Each company has its own keyword. The ad shown in the upper left is for Life on the Beach, a franchise that specializes in beach wear, equipment, travel to and from the beach, and all things related. Their ad says "Tap Beach on your deb." By the way, the model in this picture is Wulf Gabriel, who at the time it was taken, was one of the top ten supermodels in the empire. You can read about him in almost any of my books, as he's a recurring character.

click to open as a gif animation
 One of the places where characters hang out is Batchelors. It's owned by Trink and Yvan, two lovers who used to be pleasure slaves. When they gained their freedom, they used savings (and a private investment from Luc Saint-Cyr) to build a restaurant/club. Opening night, Wulf Gabriel dropped in, bringing a group of his model friends and several people from an advertising agency. He had attended on advice of his agent, who was putting Wulf in a potential hotspot and using it to gain him recognition. That worked great for Wulf, right up until his boyfriend at the time broke up with him, right at Batchelors. Trink and Yvan befriended Wulf, let him stay the night at their place, and a lifelong friendship was born. Little did they know that friendship would reunite Wulf and Luc Saint-Cyr, as well as bring Luc back into their lives. There are now four Batchelors locations around the city, all partially owned by Luc, aka the Harbinger.

We Tell You the Truth

One of the facts of living in an empire is that it's possible to piss off the wrong people -- namely Empress Destoiya, aka the Conqueror. The Droid News Network's slogan is "We tell you the truth" which is not always what the Conqueror wants to be heard. Therefore, most of the time when you drop in on DNN's website, you'll find the site sporting a rather unique "under construction" sign and a lament about being repaired due to damage from Imperinet "upgrade" searchbots. You can't win them all. Notice the helmets on the workers.

Mariah's Realm of Pleasure

And of course, there's the local Mariah's Realm of Pleasure. Prostitution is legal in the empire, and tightly regulated. Although there are cases when money in certain pockets goes the wrong way, if you get my drift. Especially in the Antonello Brothers books At the Mercy of Her Pleasure and For Women Only. However, Mariah's is an empire-class establishment. Click the ad to see it full size.

The purpose of my website is to blur the line of reality between the Tarthian Empire's reality and ours. Is it bad for me to admit that sometimes I can't really tell the difference either? Hmm. Maybe I better just keep that off the record. ;)

Check out the links in this blog for some of the fun spots on the "net".


Savanna Kougar said...

Wow, Kayelle, amazing. I couldn't even keep up with everything going on your Imperinet. Yeah, I'm not certain I could keep track of which reality is real... heck, I have trouble doing that with my stories... lol...

Kayelle Allen said...

Savanna, that's why I love writers (like you) who have great depth in their characters and the worlds they live in. Whether it's a regency or a space opera, I want some sense of a character's backstory and that he or she is real. I want to be a shape shifter or a time traveler or a lord or duchess. :) I enjoy playing with the background as much as I do writing the stories themselves. Uh... guess that shows, huh? ^_^