Friday, October 8, 2010

Flirty Friday

What does it mean to flirt? I found a definition I liked. "Playful behavior intended to arouse sexual interest, or to talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions." That said, what does flirting look like?

Here are good examples or two.

First, a female version. She's definitely flirting, and I think her intentions might be pretty serious, too. Or playful. Likely both. :)

Sexy, flirty woman

Flirty guy (Jawk)
A male version of a flirty look. This guy is from one of my books, Jawk. Most definitely serious.

So, we've got the idea of what flirting looks like. So who do you want to flirt with? A guy with short hair, or do you prefer it long?

Short hair and a 'tude

Long haired beauty


Can't I have both? LOL

Athletic type, or relaxed?


Lazing in the sun

Well dressed man? Or one who knows how to take it off? (guess which I like. ^_^ Yep, both!)

Man in a tux

Man who takes it off!

The best type? I'll go with the ones who are flirting back!


Renee Vincent said...

Hmm...I typically go for the short haired, well dressed man, but he has to make me believe he's athletic underneath when he takes it all off.
How's that? haha

Kayelle Allen said...

Good choice Renee! I like long haired pretty boys. Jes can't hep it. ;o

Savanna Kougar said...

Flirting back is always good, if you're interested... or just having fun.

Kayelle Allen said...

I flirt with my hubby, and it's fun to see that look in his eyes when he catches on and flirts back. It's playful fun. I love to write a flirting scene. But to really flirt back... nah. I'm a one man woman. What I do allow myself is to enjoy the gorgeous creatures God has created for us all. Yum. :)

Kayelle Allen said...

Ahem. I meant to say "enjoy looking at"... Yeah. That's it.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hi, Kayelle,

I actually find that there's far too little flirtation in romance books! As for me, the critical issue in flirtation is a kind of mutual recognition/appreciation of attraction. The guy's looks are not nearly as important as his attitude.

That being said, of your posted options, I'll take the short-haired black guy (although I do love long hair on men)!