Monday, October 4, 2010

A Staged Affair


Anna Fuller is a Shakespearean actress touring Texas with a theater troupe, when rancher, King Colton spots her playing Lady Macbeth in the Sparrow Creek saloon. He promptly falls in love with the red-haired beauty.  Hank isn’t much of a romantic figure and doesn’t know what it will take to make Anna content. But over the next four years, he spends a fortune trying to do just that.
Anna only wants King’s love, but he’s so busy busting broncos, herding cattle, and fighting land-grabbers, he doesn’t see what Anna offers till it’s almost too late. In a stand-off between two hot-headed lovers, they discover that life without each other isn't really life at all.
Mini Excerpt: 
"Put me down you Jackass, I've come to get the rest of my things." Anna screeched as Hank tossed her through the air to land on her rear, bouncing in the middle of the fancy bed he'd ordered built just for them. "Very brave of you accosting an innocent woman, unprotected and all alone," she hissed.
"Show me an innocent woman and I'll apologize," Hank growled at the same time he sat on the edge of the bed, grabbed her and slung her over his knee. In two seconds, her skirts were around her waist.
"You have no right..." Anna got that far with her declaration.
"The hell you say," Hank Colton snorted. "I have every right. You're mine." 
Talia Ricci @ Joyfully Reviewed said...“Oh my but King was opinionated and ultimately male. I wanted to bonk him on the back of his head and admonish him to behave... I rolled my eyes and then sweated at the passion of these two strong characters.” Thumbs up!Read Full Review

Vixen Reviews ~ 5 Pearls 

"... anyone who loves a good, hot, story, check out  A Staged Affair. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the (ahem) show.” 

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Savanna Kougar said...

"you’ll enjoy the (ahem) show"

I couldn't agree more!

Gem Sivad said...

Thanks Savanna. It's nice to know you caught Anna and King's act. It was a fun write and I still grin when I think of his arrogant antics--so male. :)