Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sultry Sunday- Stockings

There is something alluring about stockings and garters. For this reason, in most of my stories, I tend to have my heroines dressed in them. So, what exactly is the attraction of gauzy sensual silks, in enticing colors and patterns, and the sexy garters that hold them in place? Well, in my opinion, they have three qualities that I find sultry and sensual.


Stockings show the line of the leg, highlighting its length and curves, while drawing the eye upward where they disappear behind the hem of a skirt. Tantalizing and teasing, the stockings tempt one to want to reach out and touch, following them to the secrets beyond.


Stockings with garters are especially flirty and feminine. A little shift of the hips, and sway of the skirt, allows for a peek at tiny bows or clingy lace, encircling the upper thigh. The observer will follow the ankle to the knee, and higher still, past every dip and peak, tempting him to imagine what waits for his discovery.


The appeal of removing them, bit by sensual bit, and unveiling her naked skin is like unwrapping a silky present. I know I love it when a hero rips them off, too.

So, in what sexy attire do you tend to dress your heroines? Do you prefer corsets or lacy bras? Pencil skirts and tight button-up shirts? High heels that bring her forward and add to the sexy appearance?

Please share.


Jeanne St. James said...

Stockings can be SOOOO sexy!

Vivien Jackson said...

I once interviewed some guys on what they thought would be sexiest. To a man, they said that plain white cotton panties and/or plain white slips really did it for them. I was shocked because I'd been reading women-written romance novels for so long I felt that at the very least I hadda wear black lace. Not so. I've kept their input in mind ever since, and I guess it works since my one fan is a dude.