Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

This is my first time at doing a Thursday Thirteen, so be gentle, ya'll! I thought I'd write about 13 things that make me happy. They're not in a particular order, because what makes me the most happy now, probably won't be in six months... although some of these are keepers.

Okay, here goes!

  1. The smell of the earth after the rain. That wonderful woodsy smell that makes it feel like the earth is completely clean.
  2. A hug from a child. They love so sweetly and completely, and there is nothing like a hug from a little one who tries to squeeze all their love into you -- with tiny little arms that won't quite go all the way around.
  3. Petting a docile cat. Granted, these are far and few between, but how wonderful when you find one!
  4. Winning a game of cards when you're playing with a friend you know would never "let" you win, and the feeling you get when you know you played really well.
  5. Getting home just in time to catch a favorite TV show and getting to watch it without interruption by phone calls. This is not the same enjoyment as watching a prerecorded show at all.
  6. Shopping for a specific item that you really need or want -- and finding it on sale.
  7. When you know the people at your favorite store aren't just good at customer service. They really are glad to see you because you've become their friend.
  8. Getting a gift that is exactly what you wanted in the right size and color -- and even better -- realizing the person who gave it to you knew what you wanted.
  9. A soothing cup of relaxing tea and a good read before bed.
  10. Lunch with a friend you haven't seen for awhile.
  11. Reading a sexy book and having those nice hot feelings satisfied completely.
  12. A great massage.
  13. Still my favorite after many years of marriage: Knowing you really and truly are loved.

Okay, gang. That's my contribution to the Thursday Thirteen. Like it? Have any favorites to add? I'd love to hear some of your favorite things.


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, Kayelle, that is a beautiful list. The hug from a child is the best. And having a marriage where you are truly loved... nothing better!

Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks Savanna! I'm happy that I have that. I know far too many who don't. Maybe that's why I love writing romance -- to me it's real.

Lisabet Sarai said...

Great list, Kayelle! Let me think. How about spending forty five minutes gabbing on the phone with my sister like I did a few nights ago? Both busy, we don't talk as often as we'd like, and having the time to do so was just fabulous!