Saturday, September 4, 2010

SINful Indulgence on a Saturday Afternoon

I remember in Highschool skipping a class to run home with a large pack of peanut M n M's in one hand and a copy of a new Bertrice Small (writer of erotic historical romances) in the other.

This image still seems to embody utter indulgence to me. 1. Playing hooky 2. Chocolate 3. Doing nothing except what I enjoyed that afternoon 4. Chocolate!

I have been trying to go back to that mindset, before I had so many commitments, and a little voice inside me saying "should". Should you really take a day off? Should I eat this chocolate? (followed by a close second of calculating my calories for the day, and listing mentally what I need to do)

It's not always a fun way to live. This week I did an experiment of doing what I wanted to do because I had some time off.

Instead of doing the piles of laundry, I picked up the phone to friends and family and made plans through the day.

Eating Indian Buffet for lunch
Getting made up at the Mac Counter 
Spraying myself with expensive perfume I couldn't afford to buy
Going to an amusement park, where I not only went on all the rides, but tried Deep fried butter and  a Deep fried Mars bar for the first time
Going to a nearby Island to swim and lay about for the day
Ate dessert at each meal I wanted, without the inner critic scolding me

So what is your SINful indulgence for the day? Carve out even an hour or two and ask yourself what you really want to do, and do it with no regrets.

Have a SINFul Saturday just for you....!


Mary Quast said...

Well now that you mentioned chocolate... that is always my sinful indulgence. Hubby comes home tomorrow... must buy chocolate syrup....*wink*

Savanna Kougar said...

Sinful indulgence... I luv it... and 'should' definitely do it more. Yes, chocolate... hot chocolate with my herbs, is one of mine.

Nothing like taking time off to indulge in a Beatrice Small romance novel!