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Excerpt: Surrender Love (R)

This is an excerpt from my 2010 EPIC Award Winner in Erotic SciFi Romance, Surrender Love. It features the beginning love story between the immortal Sempervian Luc Saint-Cyr and the Kin male, Izzorah Ceeow.

Scene set up:  Concerned when he discovers Izzorah had suffered from a common childhood disease that often shortens the lives of the feline Kin, Luc has Nanchonta, a fellow Sempervian who can heal with his touch examine him. The healer discovers not only problems with Izzorah's heart, but also with his eyes, and does what he can to heal him. Izzorah obtains a promise from Nanchonta to keep the near-blindness a secret from Luc. The healer advises Luc against sex until after Izzorah has had surgery to repair his damaged heart. This scene is from Izzorah's point of view shortly before Luc rejoins him.
Forearms braced against the wall, Izzorah rested his head on them and let the hot shower beat on his back.
Luc! How did I get hooked on you so fast? Where are you? He shut his eyes, imagining his lover's naked chest beneath his hands, his dark wet skin lathered with soap.
Izzorah ran his hands across the coarse, curly hair sprinkled across the center of Luc's chest, down the center of his ripped abs, to his navel and then his groin. He wrapped one hand around Luc's shaft. "You're so big. Thick. Hard. How will I ever get my mouth all the way around you? How will I ever take you inside me?"
Luc's whiteless eyes gleamed. He leaned in close, tilted his head, and kissed him, pulled back and moved close again. "Mine," he whispered and then took Izzorah's mouth in a possessive kiss.
Izzorah surrendered to Luc, wrapped in his arms, protected and cherished.
Heat made him dizzy, and he braced himself in the corner. Nanchonta had warned him not to overexert himself. He didn't mean no sex, did he? No way he would give up Luc. At least I'll die happy.
"Izzorah?" Luc's voice sounded far away.
He opened the glass door and poked his head out of the shower. The room felt cold after the hot mist. "I'm in here."
Luc entered the room, already stripped to shirt and pants. "Thought you were taking a bath." He started opening his shirt.
"Didn't want to get in the tub without you. It felt lonely."
His lover grinned. "We can shower first and then laze about in the tub together. As long as it's not too hot. I hear heat's bad for the heart. Sound good?"
Izzorah couldn't suppress a toothy smile. "Perfect. Will you stop worrying?"
"Me? Never." He smiled as he stepped out of his pants. "Is there room in there for me?"
"Hell, yeah."
When Luc tossed the pants across a rack and the shirt after them, the design embroidered on the cuff caught Izzorah's attention. He gasped. Slender bottles on the shelf near the sink held blue and white creams. The faucet was shaped like a swan, arched over a white crystal basin supported on a pedestal. The handles were shaped like wings. Soaps sat on a small bowl to the left.
Luc looked over his shoulder and then back at Izzorah. "Is something wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."
Izzorah blinked twice, rubbed his eyes, and blinked again. Things were barely fuzzy at all. He stood in the open shower door, unwilling to look away from the sights around him, especially Luc, with his sexy smile, the broad curve of his chest, and brawny arms.
"Rah? What is it? You're scaring me. Say something."
"I --" He met Luc's gaze. I can see you. Really, actually see you, as well as if we stood toe to toe. He started laughing, kept on laughing while Luc came near, squinting.
"Izzorah, love. Are you all right?"
He couldn't stop laughing, struck by the irony of his situation. My heart's ready to give out, and my eyes start working. How screwed up am I?
Nanchonta had sworn to keep his blindness a secret but had insisted on examining his eyes. Izzorah had spent so long looking into the man's eyes he'd gotten lost in their pale depths. Did Nanchonta do something to me? How long will it last? Izzorah laughed again, giggles bubbling up out of him. He clamped a hand over his mouth.
"Oh, Rah." Luc wrapped his arms around him. "You're freezing. Let's get you in the hot water."
He let Luc maneuver him into the shower, laughing until tears ran down his cheeks.
Luc turned on other controls, and soothing, hot water sprayed from all around the shower stall, putting them in the middle of a mist. The water sparkled in the air, catching the light and making arcs of color.
"Oh!" Water beaded on Izzorah's hands, glistened on his golden skin. It shone on Luc's dark skin like diamonds, and Izzorah spread his hands across the man's chest. "Beautiful. So many colors."
"Did Nanchonta give you something?" Luc captured his face in his hands. "Look at me, babe." Luc was squinting, concerned for him. "Are you all right?"
Even in the midst of so much water, Izzorah caught the scent of his worry.
"I'm fine, Luc. I…" His attention wavered to the mist around them. "So many colors. Oh, look! Is this what a rainbow looks like?"
The water cut off. Luc opened the door. "Come on. Let's get you into bed."
"But --" Izzorah let Luc sweep him along. "It was so pretty. I've never seen a rainbow before."
"I'm going to kill Nanchonta." Luc toweled Izzorah down, wrapped him in a bath sheet, grabbed one for himself, and led him to the bed. He pulled down the covers. "Here. Get in, love."
Izzorah probed the skin on Luc's arm. "You're so many colors. You're darker here, on your elbow. And light up here." He skimmed his fingers across Luc's shoulder. "I never noticed."
Luc fumbled with something on the nightstand. "McDoth! Get hold of Nanchonta and get him back here on the double! And hurry, damn it!"
Izzorah gripped his arm. "Stay with me, Luc. I want to look at you. You're so beautiful."
"I'm not leaving you for a second." He swore in the Kin language, then switched to something vaguely Tyran-sounding, and then a language Izzorah had never heard before.
"What is it, love?" He drew Izzorah's hand up to his mouth and kissed his palm.
"Are you making up cuss words? I've never heard any of the things you're saying, but I can tell you're mad."
Luc bit his lips. He laid Izzorah's hand against his own cheek and turned to kiss his palm. Water sparkled on his lashes. "I'm worried about you. Did Nanchonta give you anything? Any kind of drug?"
He shook his head. "He looked at me. Laid his hands on my shoulders, on my chest. Like he did Soli. Oh, it was so amazing. I wish you could've seen him. He picked the baby up and held him, little head in the palm of his hand and his body along one arm. They stared at one another for a long time. Soli didn't cry even once. It was like he knew Nanchonta was there to help him. After a bit, he closed his eyes and went to sleep, and when we held him, he felt normal. No fever. Nanchonta gave them some drops and said Soli'd be fine in a day or two. He's magic, Luc. He made it so I can --"
The door burst open, and Nanchonta charged into the room. "What's wrong?"
Reviewer: Scandalous Nymph
5 Nymphs
"I truly believe out of all the lovers I’ve seen Luc with, Rah is the one sent by whatever God grants love and happiness. He’s Luc’s gift for the times over the thousands of years where Luc was suffering or lonely. I absolutely loved this first book of the Surrender Trilogy, and I can’t wait to see where Ms. Allen is going to take us next."
Pick up this book at Loose Id and prepare to surrender your heart.
Surrender Love
Not rebound, payback, loneliness, or the great sex, and far beyond love. This is surrender.


Miriam Newman said...

Hi, Kayelle! Good to see you on this lovely-looking blog. That was a great excerpt. I'm sure you'll have a lot of readers following this adventure.

Mary Quast said...

Beautiful excerpt. I need more.

Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, great sensory love scene. Thanks for sharing. And congrats on your EPIC win and all the good reviews.

Kayelle Allen said...

Thank you! I love this story. I'm working on a sequel, called Surrender Trust. It has a good mix of humor and angst, and since it's about Luc, some very hot sex! =^_^=