Saturday, April 28, 2018

Thrice (M/F Paranormal Romance)

Series: The Broken - Book 3


Piper was kidnapped at a conference. What a way to discover that there were aliens on the earth. She wished she had time to be scared of them. Her father was coming to collect her. He had plans for her life that would crush her soul unless she found a way to break free.

Thrice wanted to save his sister’s friend. He had no idea that she would be his mate. The past that he ran from long ago was haunting. How could he face his mate knowing what had been done to him? Why would she want him?

Love was the last thing either of them was looking for. The shock of finding it was bringing them to their knees. Was there a way for two lost souls to claim each other?

They were fighting both aliens and humans. To win they had to be willing to bury the past and live in the now. Sometimes the evil that haunts us refuses to die.


 Along the back wall was a silent alarm. He watched as the small pinpoint of green went to red. They were about to have company.

“Hello? Please, let me go.”

A feminine voice reached out to him from the darkness wrapping around him. She was pleading now, begging, promising her captors anything they wanted short of her body. He should reassure her, but he wanted her to keep talking.

He moved towards her like she was a magnet, and he was metal. She was standing clutching on to the bars of the cage. Her big gray eyes were scared, but she was fighting it, trying to hide it. Her head was tilted at an angle, and her shoulders framed her beautifully. Her whole body said I will win. I'm just not sure how right now.

“Who are you?” Bold, defiant, in the midst of her trouble.

“Thrice, one of Brandi’s brothers.”

“She doesn’t have any brother’s.”

“Now that she is mated to Jabari, she has five.”

“Oh, is she...” Her throat worked looking for the right words. “Is she…”

“She’s still alive.”

Her shoulders dropped in relief.

“Can you get me out of here? Someone kidnapped me. I don’t know what they want, but I don’t think they plan to let me live. If they did, they would have contacted my father by now.”

“Stand back.”

Brandi was alive. She tripped over her feet in relief as she made her way to the far wall. There were days when all she could think about was her friend even knowing how much jeopardy her own life was in.

Brandi’s brother, it felt strange, but she’d take it, was gripping the bars like he was going to pull them apart. That had to be impossible. She spent hours trying. Her mouth dropped open when she heard the stress on the metal. It was heating up around his hand and becoming red but not coming apart.

“Those metal bars won’t budge. Nice try though.”

“It’s an alloy, but it’s not from Earth. There’s no way I’m going to pull it far enough apart for you to get through like this.”

“Run, call the police. They’ll know what to do.” When her father found out about this, she’d be lucky to go to the store for bread on her own.

“Run?” He said it like he never heard the word before. “Turn around.”


“Turn around. I don’t want to scare you.”

“What are you going to do take down your pants and show me your tiny wiener?” Why Piper? Can’t you let the deranged lunatic rescue you first?

“I warned you.”

She shoved the heel of her hand into her mouth to keep from screaming. He was changing. His already tall body grew. His muscles bulged, and the chest she’d been eyeing up for a long goodbye hug was so thick it should be illegal.  She watched every bodybuilding competition she could find, and he put all the participants to shame.

In fact, she would throw herself at him. If he was human. He was humanoid that was all she could give him. There was no white to his eyes. They were a light brown but were multifaceted like a diamond. The hair on his body was shaggy. Like he needed a serious cut everywhere. His face was rough and rugged. He screamed alien, yet she thought there was a chance she might dream about him tonight.

Mature audiences only


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