Sunday, April 15, 2018

Crave MMF Paranormal Romance

Crave Blurb:

Cole was hunting a suspect who not only killed his victims; he ate them. It took an alien to hunt an alien, and he was the right male for the job. He didn’t have time to concentrate on anything else; then Noah was assigned as his partner.

Noah didn’t do partners. The military drilled that into his head with the disloyalty and the dishonorable discharge they gave him. Now he was working a case where the subject was an alien, and so was his partner. The same partner he shouldn’t give the time of day too; since he was straight. There was something about Cole that touched him places he never thought anyone could reach.

Leta knew abuse, she knew how to hide it with a smile. More importantly, she knew recovering from abuse. How a sound or the sight of a figure could make you jump or stop paralyzed with fear. What she didn’t know was love. Her life was hard enough without Cole and Noah insisting on protecting her. They thought her life was in danger; it was a new nightmare. No, the real nightmare was what she was feeling for them.

No one knew what was happening or where the threat would occur; they also didn’t expect the spark of attraction. It couldn’t last because in life it was always two not three. Let the games begin.

Mature Audiences only

Trigger warnings in front of the book



Noah saves the night again.

“Do you want to take a shower? I saved you some hot water.”

I shook my head. I didn’t want to be alone with my thoughts. I looked at him; he was wearing a pair of joggers. His muscled chest was on display. He was a work of art. Heavily muscled with only one knife wound. For a minute, I imagined being wrapped tight in his arms. Then I remembered I didn’t bottom for anyone. I wasn’t that starving boy trying to stay alive.

I stood and grabbed a pair of pants to sleep in. I didn’t care, I undressed in front of him. Get a good look. I turned to find him facing the wall. He was a good male, I knew that, but he showed it at every turn.

“Goodnight.” He got in the bed. I should do the same, but I couldn’t, some nightmares don’t go away when you open your eyes.

I heard him when he got out of the bed.

“What do you need Cole?” He lowered his body in front of mine as I sat on the bed.

I shouldn’t tell him. I needed to build up my defenses.

“I need you to hold me. Just hold me.” He stood and held out his hand. I knew better, but I took it anyway. He helped me to stand and led me to his bed.

I got on the bed first then he laid down, so he was closest to the door. He was protecting me, and I couldn’t do anything, but be grateful.

His arms wrapped around me as he pulled me closer. Tomorrow I would be strong. I closed my eyes.

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