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A Mini Story Based on Cailin Briste's Sons of Tallav Series

Awhile back, I shared a mini-story I wrote about Maon and Selina from Maon: Marshal of Tallav. For those of you who missed it the first time, I'm reprising it below in celebration of Rand: Son of Tallav, the next book in the Sons of Tallav series. Yes, the book is done and is on its digital way to my editor. 

Maon: Marshal of Tallav
Sons of Tallav Book #2
By Cailin Briste
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Maon Keefe has always been told he’s doomed to fail as a husband. He decides never to marry, instead focusing on living life as a player and becoming a capable marshal of Tallav. When he is shot and the most-wanted criminal he’s escorting escapes, he fears that his career, his one success in life, is doomed. Assigned to ferret out the cause of missing shipments for a VIP aristocrat, he meets Selina Shirley, CEO of the House of Shirley. He finds himself inexplicably attracted to her despite her frumpy appearance. When he meets a hooded and masked scorching-hot Domme, Lasair, at his friend’s BDSM club, he’s torn between the two women. Both fire his imagination and call to his submissive nature. Either might be the woman to change him into successful husband material.

Selina Shirley organizes her life like she organizes her business, taking control of all aspects of each. She’s concluded that she must marry to get an heir and that her future husband must be totally submissive. Mentored by the sector’s most famous sadist, she learns what it takes to be a proper Domme. Then, hidden behind a hood and mask as Lasair, she meets Maon and her instant attraction to his full submission at the BDSM club leads her to break her own rules and become involved with him. But he’s also the marshal assigned to investigate thefts at her company. When his broad streak of protective alpha male comes into play, it obvious he’s not a 24/7 submissive. To stick to her plan to marry the perfect husband, she must ignore her heart and dump Maon.

So here is a bit of Maon and Selina's future after Maon: Marshal of Tallav.

Fashion Guinea Pig
by Cailin Briste

“I’m going to use you for a marketing test.” 

Maon squinted at his wife, fashion designer Selina Shirley whose added curves from her baby bump made him want to touch her non-stop. He was a damned lucky man. But the petite brunette blaze of heat who had brought him to his knees and put a ring on his finger had just surprised him. 

“You want me to be your lab rat?” 

Selina smirked and ruffled his sandy-brown hair. “No, sweet man. Think of yourself as my guinea pig. Lab rats have pink eyes, and pink is really my color not yours.” 

“If I’m your guinea pig, does that mean you’ll stroke me all over?” he waggled his eyebrows. 

“Don’t I always?” 

Her arched eyebrow told him he was edging toward being punished. It didn’t stop him. Never did. “Yes, but not before you torment me first. It’s the parts that you take forever to stroke that hope you’ll start with them first.” He dropped his gaze to his crotch to emphasize his point. 

She chuckled. “Have I been neglecting your big toe again?” 

“I was referring to a longer, harder appendage.” 

A brush of her hand across his bulging erection made him groan. “I’m not sure where that appendage is.” She gripped his cock inside his pants. “This is certainly hard.”

Maon didn’t say another word. You couldn’t rush Selina when she wanted to play. He slumped his shoulders and sighed when she released him and turned to pick up a package from the dresser. 

“First things first. I volunteered you to test a product for our new Naughty Shirley brand of kinky apparel.” 

Nose wrinkling, he said, “It’s not something weird?” 

“Weird?” Her voice lowered. “Are you suggesting I’d design something weird?”

Now he’d stepped in it. “I meant to say uncomfortable.” 

A hint of red-orange flickered in her topaz eyes. “Fashion can be painful.” She punctuated her statement with a long, slow sigh. 

He brought a hand to his chest and intoned mournfully, “I live to be subject to the whims of fashion.” 

Head tilted, chin lifted, and eyes focused heavenward, she said, “Your selflessness knows no bounds.” 

“If we keep dropping sarcastic remarks, we’ll end up stepping on them in the middle of the night. Show me what’s in the box.” 

At first glance the item she pulled from the carton looked like ordinary underwear, a pair of bright-blue men’s low rise briefs. Then she showed him what was attached inside, a butt plug. Not an enormous one, but sufficient to keep a man stimulated. 

“That’s not so bad.” 

“It’s not meant to be. In fact, that’s why I didn’t opt for leather or plasti-tex. I wanted a material that would feel silky and not pull pubic hair. Now strip and put them on.” 

“Yes, ma’am.” 

After removing his clothing, he took the briefs, stepped into them, and tugged them up his thighs. Before he could work the plug up his ass, Selina stroked a finger down the defined muscles of his abdomen. “Let me do that.” 

He smirked. “Absolutely.” 

The fabric drew tight against the front of his legs and her hair tickled the backs when she pulled the waistband out and lowered her head.What is she doing? Oh. Licking the plug. 

With the added lubrication, the plug slid in smoothly. He had no problem with larger plugs, so this one was easy, but it was sized and formed to hit his prostrate. When the butt plug was in place, Selina moved in front of him, tucked his cock in, and released the waistband with a snap. Maon jerked. A tingle of pleasure ran through him. Gonna have to be careful how I walk or I’ll be shooting before I’m allowed to. Maybe she’ll have pity on me. 

“Do I get my stroking soon?” 

She tapped his erection with one finger. “No, my sweet guinea pig, for a comprehensive test, I need to watch you strutting around in them. Three or four hours should be about right.” 

“Fuck’s sake. The briefs are going to get soaked.” 

“Yes. I know.” She gave him a peck on the lips, turned, and sashayed away. “Follow me.” 

So be it. He grinned, swaggering after her. Damn that feels good. “Sweet cheeks, you want me to get a cup to catch all the goodness this marketing test is going to create? I could pull my cock out and let it flow.” 

“Excellent idea, but skip the cup. I want to see you sticky. Perhaps I’ll lick you clean.” 

Maon wasted no time removing his cock from the briefs. The tip of his penis was already glistening. 

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