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Coming soon from JJ Masters! The Selkie's Fated Mate: An #MM #Mpreg #Shifter #Romance

The Selkie Prince's Fated Mate
(The Royal Alphas, Book 1)

Genre: Mpreg M/M Shifter Romance

Release Date: Aug 5th, 2018

Chapter One

The blood rushed to Kai’s cock as he took a long, deep inhale.
This presentation ceremony was unneeded. As were all the last dozen or so. There was no reason to have six omegas from all over the country—and even some from Europe—presenting themselves to him each time.
All to find his fated mate.
No matter what, it was clear. The pater of his future pups was now present in the Great Hall. He was one of the six males naked on their hands and knees, their foreheads pressed to the cold stone floor, their asses high in the air.
The second Kai had entered the hall his omega’s slick glands had started to express themselves. And it was hard to deny the scent his future mate gave off.
His hatred for these presentation ceremonies burned within him with the heat of a thousand suns. How insulting to be an omega from a good family and be forced to be on display in front of many, many other males in the hall and postulating in front of the reigning King of the North.
His sire, King Solomon.
The ruling Selkie male loved this pomp and circumstance. Kai despised it.
His father sat on his throne at the head of the hall, wearing not only his goddamn crown, but holding his scepter.
His freaking scepter.
But like it’d been told to Kai countless times before, it was all for the good of the race.
Being the oldest son of five, he was next in line for the throne.
Not that he wanted it. He didn’t.
Not that he had a choice. He certainly didn’t.
Just like he wouldn’t have a choice in choosing his future mate. That would be chosen for him due to the fates. He had no say in the omega who would spend the rest of his life with him, who would sit by his side if and when Kai ever reigned the kingdom, and who would bear his pups.
No, Kai’s body would decide that.
So, he had no choice. None. And neither did his omega.
Kai hoped he at least found his bonded mate easy on the eyes, and somewhat intelligent. Otherwise, he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to tolerate being tied to a male Kai couldn’t bear to look at, breed with, or even have a decent conversation with.
That would seem like eternal torture.

About the Author:

J.J. Masters is the alter-ego of a USA Today bestselling author who love to write hot, gay romance. J.J. became fascinated with Mpreg romance as soon as she figured out what mpreg stood for.

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