Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sunday Spa - Sweet Dreamin' Massage

Sunday is a good day to set aside for some personal spa time. I don’t mean GOING to a spa, I’m referring to a make-it-at-home spa. Create healthy, soft skin during this somewhat therapeutic activity. Some ingredients you might already have on your pantry shelves; others can be found in a local market or health food shop. Your honey might want to join in the event as well.

Welcome to Sunday Spa

So… your honey had a tough day and is having trouble “winding down”. Grab a couple glasses of wine. Use this sweet relaxing oil and give him a nice massage before bed. I bet you’ll get a return massage.

Sweet Dreamin'-Infused Oil

¼ cup dried marjoram
½ cup dried chamomile flowers
¼ cup dried lavender flowers
8 oz jojoba oil
4 vitamin E capsules

What you will need:
Quart jar, strainer (or cheesecloth or tea strainer), 8oz bottle, funnel

1.    When using dried herbs, crush slightly to release their natural oils and fragrance.
2.    Place herbs into the jar and cover completely with the oil. Stir with a chop stick or drink stirrer to removed bubbles. If using fresh herbs, have as little air in the jar as possible.
3.    Tightly close the lid onto the jar. Label with date and contents and place in a warm dark place to infuse for 2-4 weeks.
4.    Shake the jar daily.
5.    After 2-4 weeks, strain the herbs from the oil. Place oil into a clean 8oz bottle.
6.    Pierce the vitamin E capsules and squeeze liquid into the bottle. (Discard the gel caps.) Place cap on bottle tightly and shake well to blend.
7.    Label the bottle. Store in a cool dry place. Contents should be good for 2 years.

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