Monday, March 26, 2018

Gretel - A Dark & Sexy Fairy Tale

Do you like your fairy tales a little on the filthy side?
My novelette, Gretel, is for you!

It's dirty...
It's sexy...
It's a fairy tale with a deliciously naughty twist.

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"Lynn rides that fine line of savage lust and true love like a true master. Leave all your expectations and what you think you know at the door. This true account will have you soaked and wanting more." - Andi B. / Amazon Reviewer

"DO NOT read this in public. When you start sweating and your skin becomes calming and your cheeks are bright red then it’s time to move to a better location, where no one can see how hot and bothered you are right then." - Jessica Green / Amazon Reviewer

"This right here, is pure unadulterated sex. And I loved every page." - Cwill / Amazon Reviewer

This is the true account of Hansel and Gretel. Forget your silly, misguided tales of two siblings and a house of gingerbread and cakes. This is the story of what happens when love battles against lust. When the yearnings of the heart are forced to wage war against the base needs and desires we all possess. When the time comes to face who we really are. What we truly want. What we need.

A Warning: Their story should not be taken lightly, for we all toe the line between human and savage animal. We walk around in the light, hoping others don’t see the depravity lurking within, begging to be let free. So take a deep breath, set up your defenses, and slowly turn the page. I dare you.

**This is a dark and extremely explicit retelling of the classic fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. In this novelette, Hansel and Gretel are NOT brother and sister.**

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