Monday, March 12, 2018

Erotic Romance Giveaway: Vanilla, Chocolate and Anything In-Between

Looking for something new, exciting, heart warming, thrilling? Taste the exotic and the unknown! Chocolate, Vanilla, Rocky Road... pick whatever flavor stimulates your senses and enjoy

I'm giving away The Key for subscribing to my newsletter.

The Key by Cailin Briste

Tyen has three rules: pain is not a good thing, any significant other in her life is her co-equal, and under no condition would she ever model for Kolya Kushnir.

Kolya likes playing games especially those that involve predicament bondage. When he snatched her key and forced Tyen to play hide and seek, he never imagined his actions might kill her.

Story’s Genre: BDSM erotic romance. Happily Ever After. Kink: predicament bondage, S/M, m/f.

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