Friday, March 16, 2018


Series: Alien Protectors
Book One


Cole was hunting a suspect who not only killed his victims; he ate them. It took an alien to hunt an alien, and he was the right male for the job. He didn’t have time to concentrate on anything else; then Noah was assigned as his partner.

Noah didn’t do partners. The military drilled that into his head with the disloyalty and the dishonorable discharge they gave him. Now he was working a case where the subject was an alien, and so was his partner. The same partner he shouldn’t give the time of day too; since he was straight. There was something about Cole that touched him places he never thought anyone could reach.

Leta knew abuse, she knew how to hide it with a smile. More importantly, she knew recovering from abuse. How a sound or the sight of a figure could make you jump or stop paralyzed with fear. What she didn’t know was love. Her life was hard enough without Cole and Noah insisting on protecting her. They thought her life was in danger; it was a new nightmare. No, the real nightmare was what she was feeling for them.

No one knew what was happening or where the threat would occur; they also didn’t expect the spark of attraction. It couldn’t last because in life it was always two not three. Let the games begin.

Excerpt: First meeting between Cole and Noah


I rechecked my watch. Ten minutes before my mysterious partner showed up. Ten minutes that I had to check out the man… no the male sitting on the other side of the patio.

The male was slender I suspected I had at least forty pounds on him. He didn’t look weak I could tell by his arms and the pull of his shirt across his chest that he was developed nicely. He didn’t look like a gym rat; I appreciated that.

That’s where it should have stopped, my looking him over, but it didn’t. My eyes went to his lips. 
They were full with just a hint of pinkness. I was killing myself wondering if they were soft or hard. I allowed my eyes to look at his skin. He was the color of caramel. I acknowledge that I never met anyone the exact color. His hair was a little past his shoulders, pulled back with a tie. It was also golden. Not white or blonde, but literally golden.

I had never seen another male like him. Not in or out of the army. Watching him made my blood pound, my heart race, and my breathing hitch. That was the problem. I never was attracted to a man before today. My head shook as I dragged my eyes from his mouth. There was no way I was attracted to him. I refused to look down at my dick that was standing at attention.

My eyes drifted to my watch again two minutes, and my new partner wasn’t here. I hated people who couldn’t be bothered to be on time. If you can’t make a simple appointment how was I supposed to believe you could watch my back? Time ticked away slowly. One minute, sixty seconds for the mysterious Cole to prove he could be trusted.

I felt rather than saw the other male get up cross the patio and stop at my table.

“Noah Kemp.” His voice was deep. It touched a place inside of me that I didn’t know existed.

“Cole, no last name.” His mouth tilted up in a smile and those eyes I had so much trouble focusing on were checking me out. Fuck, I was screwed.

“Have a seat.” The male I had been fascinated by for the last hour was my new partner. How was I supposed to deal with that?

“I don’t need a partner.” I felt my lips lift in a smile since I felt the same way.

“Then we’re on the same page. I’ll take the case. You can take a vacation.” I gave Cole my standard polite smile as I started to stand.

“Sit down pretty boy.”

My hands landed flat on the table as I pressed my body over it and into his face. “I’ve got your pretty and your boy.” It was the hitch in Cole’s breathing that made me want to move backward. No matter, I stood my ground.

“I really don’t do partners.” Cole wasn’t apologizing, but he was giving me enough to sit. Barely enough but I’d take it.

“It’s just one case.” The words I spoke shocked me. I had no plans to comply with Jace until I saw Cole walk towards me. Now I was in the middle of a push and pull. I wanted to push him away and shout to the heavens what I’ve known all my life. I was straighter than straight. I also wanted to pull him to me just to find out if his lips were as soft as they looked. Nothing else, I swear.

“This is a case you can’t do alone. I’m not sure you should even be on it.”

I felt myself tense. He held his hand up, so I waited before I told him what I thought about what he said. He laid his phone on the table and opened it. Screens laid across the table. How had I missed new software like this? He pulled up a file. The clarity of what I saw made me wish his phone didn’t show everything in graphic detail.


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