Thursday, February 22, 2018


Book One
The Broken

Welcome, enter a world of scifi and paranormal romance all centered around the world you know and love with an occasional visit to a new planet thrown in for your enjoyment. This is a nice slow burn that becomes nice and hot.


Quinn drummed her fingers against the desk while the phone rang. Her office was small, which was another word for crammed. She had a desk big enough for her working needs and filing cabinets, but that was it. There were also two chairs taking up her limited space, but it was hers, and she was proud of it.


“Hi, this is Quinn from Quinn's Construction. I’m returning a call I received about doing an outside kitchen.”

“I’m sorry you have the wrong number.”



“My construction company is just as good as any run by or staffed by men. You called me that means you know I can get the job done.”

“What does your sex have to do with it?”

“Why did you call if all you wanted to do was play around? I’m a business with real bills and actual employees to pay.”

She hung up the phone not hanging her head until she was sure the line was dead. The loan she took out would soon be gone, and if she didn’t get real work, she’d not only be in debt, she wouldn’t have a company.

This was the twenty-first century. How could people still hold such outdated beliefs? Construction was a man’s job. She cut her teeth on construction work. Her dad named this business after her and raised her to take over for him.

Her phone rang, she took several deep breaths composing herself before she answered it.

“Quinn’s Construction, how can I help you?” She needed a secretary, but she wouldn’t hire one because she wasn’t sure she could pay him or her.

“You called me and then hung up on me. I won’t tell you how rude that was. I asked a question. What does your sex have to do with your job?”

“I don’t know who you are, but this isn’t funny. You, like most men, don’t think a woman can get the job done. I have been working this business day and night for two years. I know my stuff. Did I answer your question?”

“You did. I will expect you at this address at one pm sharp.” He rattled off the address before he hung up.

She sat there holding her phone, mouth open. This could be the break she needed.

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