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#LoveMeHard #AValentinesReunion #LitaLawson #malestriptease How's this for a dirty xcerpt? Male striptease anyone? In front of an ex no less? Yes, please!

Please welcome USA Today Best Selling author Lita Lawson and her sexy new book,

A Valentine Reunion

Featured in the Love Me Hard
boxed set.

Coming February 13, 2018

What's the sister of the bride to do when the stripper hired for the bachelorette party cancels? She finds a replacement. But during a rare ice storm in Nashville, Whitney Jefferson discovers that good looking men in the cozy hotel bar are few and far between. And the only man available happens to be the one who broke her heart almost ten years ago.

Hunter Campbell, a former one-hit country singer, will do anything to reconnect with the one woman he can't forget. Will Hunter's performance convince Whitney to risk her heart again?


Under the shelter of his hat he could see about a dozen ladies in front of him. He wasn’t ready to face them head on yet, so he turned his back to them, clasped his arms behind his neck, and did another version of his hip gyration he had done for Whitney, but real slow.
The raucous giggles told him they enjoyed it. Remaining with his back to them, Hunter opened his buttoned-down shirt wide and did a couple of spins. Then he let it slide down to his elbows and hips. Grabbing one sleeve, he worked slowly and deliberately at removing the shirt. Swiveling his hips from side to side, he swung the shirt over his head like a lasso a half-dozen times, before letting it fly loose behind him.
He spun around and kept his hips moving to the beat while he watched as the women jumped to try and get it. The girl in the “Gettin’ Hitched” T-shirt practically climbed over another girl to retrieve. She let out a victorious “woo hoo” and everyone clapped.
Facing them now, his hat still low on his forehead, he spotted Whitney behind all the ladies. She became his focus. The rest of the dance was going to be directed to her.
A shower of paper falling around him brought him back to the dancing. It looked like fake money from a game he used to play as a kid.
What to do next, he thought. He decided to start unbuckling his belt, and left it dangling that way as the song ended and another began.
The song was another one-hit wonder song like his own. The singer crooned about an achy heart and he had to resist rolling his eyes in response. At least it had a good beat he could keep time to while he continued winging this stripping thing.
The hat had to be next as it needed removed before he could take off his T-shirt. He flicked the hat higher with his finger and smiled wide to woo his crowd. Not unlike a concert crowd, he thought. He winked at the ladies in the front row and was rewarded with more adulation and showers of fake money.
Hell, maybe he should have taken up stripping when his music career ended. He relaxed and enjoyed himself and then searched out Whitney. Gazing directly at her, he took his hat, spun it around on his finger, and threw it to her like it was a Frisbee. She had to jump to catch it, and he enjoyed the sight of her T-shirt hugging her full breasts.
Much to his pleasure, she placed the hat on her head. He winked at her and then began work at slowly tugging his T-shirt from his jeans. The whole time he held Whitney’s gaze. He pretended she was the one tugging his T-shirt from him as he pulled it just above his abs. The ladies cheered, and more paper fluttered to his feet.
He noticed Whitney licked her lips again. It only fueled his determination that she would be in his bed again. If not tonight, sometime soon.


USA Today Bestselling Author

I fell in love with romance and alpha males when I watched Gone With The Wind with my mother. I’ve been an avid reader since I was young, and have always had an active imagination. I prefer my males to be alpha, the sexier the better!

I write contemporary romance with heroes you will fall in love with. I hope you enjoy my stories, from the first kiss to the happily ever after. If you read my stories and enjoyed, please leave a review. And stop by Facebook and like my Author Lita Lawson page!

I’m a member of the Romance Writers of America® and live in Ohio with my very own alpha male husband and multiple cats.

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