Sunday, February 25, 2018

Intoxicating, Decadent, Vanilla, Bourbon and Honey for Two

Sunday is a good day to set aside for some personal spa time. I don’t mean GOING to a spa, I’m referring to a make-it-at-home spa. Create healthy, soft skin during this somewhat therapeutic activity. Some ingredients you might already have on your pantry shelves; others can be found in a local market or health food shop. 
Your honey, might want to join in the event as well.

Welcome to Sunday Spa

Intoxicating decadent body scrub.
Need I say more?
How about enough for two?
Grab your sexy honey, get naked and turn on the water.

Vanilla, Bourbon and Honey Scrub

½ cup Vanilla-Infused Oil (See blog post on how to make)
½ cup raw unpasteurized honey
1 ½ cup can sugar
1 tsp bourbon
1 tsp vanilla extract

What you will need:
Mixing bowl, fork, jars and lids

Makes 18 oz of scrub

1.    In a medium-sized mixing bowl, blend together the oil and honey. Mixing with fork until uniform consistency.
2.    Add the sugar and blend well.
3.    Stir in the bourbon and vanilla extract.
4.    Label and store in seal jars in cool, dark place. Do not get water into the jar to preserve freshness. Good for 1 year.

Use in place of soap or body wash. Use in shower or bath. Apply to skin in small, upward, circular motions. Massage in circular motions starting with the legs and arms making your way up the torso, ending at your heart. 

Rinse well. 

It much more fun with another person. 

Share a glass of bourbon together afterwards.

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