Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Book One - Between Heaven and Hell


Nova was a slayer; her only job was to kill demons and keep humanity safe. Everything changed when she met Ari; now she’s not sure who to kill.

Ari’s looking for a slayer with a heart; only she can give him the ultimate death he craves.

The demons are coming for Nova and someone is trying to kill Ari. 

They find themselves on the run together. The forbidden is pulling at them to break all the rules. He knows better than to touch her – but heaven help them both because he will make her his.

This content is for 18 an older


She opened her eyes to see a beautiful room around her. Her body jerked up in the bed.

“Where am I?” Ari was sitting in a wingback chair looking comfortable.

“Taking you back to your place was out of the question. I might as well have made you into a takeout dinner. I couldn’t take you to my place. You wouldn’t have believed my intentions were innocent. So, I brought you to a hotel that sits on neutral ground.”

She recognized this hotel although she had never been in it. This was one of the more high-end places that humans with money went to. They used this as a place to stay for their vacations or to have business meetings. She never had a reason to visit because demons didn’t play here.

Neutral ground was a place where no one’s power worked. You could be a demon, alien, or even a mind reader. No one, not even humans had any power or magic on neutral ground. There were few spots like this around the world, and they were sitting on a large one in this city.

“How did you get me in here without being seen?”

“It wasn’t easy, but I know a few tricks that don’t require power.”

He was drawing her in. The more he talked, the more she wondered who and what he was. The bright thing to do was run, but he intrigued her. That was a sensation she never felt since becoming a slayer.

“What do you want and don’t tell me nothing? No one cozies up to a slayer unless he wants something.”

“You have trust issues.”

She gave him a slow blink before looking down at her body. She was wearing different clothes.

“You undressed me.” There was an accusation in her voice, but his actions didn’t bother her. It was just a body, not even her original one. One day, she would lose it. What had it ever done for her?

“I washed you too. I didn’t think you would appreciate waking up in the stench you were wearing.”

“Pervert, you probably took advantage of me.” Except she didn’t feel like she had been touched while she was out. What? Wasn’t she good enough for him?

His violet eyes blazed before he got up and moved over to the bed. He moved like a big cat, silently and with grace.

“When I touch you, you’ll be awake for it. There will be no taking advantage of you. I promise you will want it as much as I want it.”

She took a deep breath but refused to feed into him. Did this mean he wanted her? Not that it mattered she was a slayer, the last thing on her mind was sex. Her pussy hadn’t gotten the memo. It had been as dry as the Sarah desert for her whole life, now it was making moisture that was being soaked up and making more. She felt like a zombie coming back to life.

“In case you missed the memo all I do is kill demons.”

“And defend innocent boys.”

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