Thursday, March 29, 2012

New release Shattered Glass by A.C. Katt from MLR


Liam knew he loved Milo, even as a kid. But their fame and fortune can’t buy him the happiness of taking Milo out of the closet and be able to freely express their love. Unfortunately, there is someone out there who will do anything to tear them apart. He conspires to break up the lovers in the most vicious way possible.

Six years later, Liam is older, wiser, and has rebuilt his life after the devastating loss of his lover. Forced by his loyalty to a friend, Liam agrees to a working reunion with Milo. When they realize what was done to them, they band together to uncover the web of lies that pulled them apart.


I need you so

I’ll love you forever

Give me your hand

I’ll never let go

Words without Music, Milo Stamis

Milo’s entire body flattened against the connecting door between the two suites. He got as close as he could allow himself. Liam needed time to adjust, and Milo couldn’t force the issue again. Hadn’t he learned his lesson? He never gave Liam the time he needed to grow and learn.

I grabbed, I always grabbed. I took him too soon. I should have let him have boyfriends, dates. I was selfish.

Milo lost himself in memories of other times they’d made love. How he’d needed to worship his baby’s body with his hands and tongue, but Liam got there first, making him shake and shudder, his mouth everywhere. Liam’s tongue traced the rim of his navel and the trail of hair which crossed his hard stomach to the juncture of his thighs where his cock stood straight up, leaking.

Liam called it a happy trail. It made Milo laugh, until Liam licked around his groin and somehow maneuvered his head to a place beneath his balls, where he accessed the sensitive underside of his cock, and the pendulous set of balls in danger of tightening up to shoot their wad too soon. Liam kissed and bit the skin beneath his cock and caressed his balls. He took each of them in his mouth and rolled them with his tongue.

Liam worked his mouth around to Milo’s ass. Liam swiped the crack with his tongue in an intense, rhythmic motion, until Milo’s clenched cheeks relaxed and flowered for Liam. Liam’s tongue moved between his cheeks to the tiny puckered rosette waiting for him. Liam dove in, circling the outside of the small pink center with a sweeping motion, then Liam plunged his tongue within.

The kid began to shake, and Milo worried he didn’t like what he did. But Milo didn’t have time to explain Liam got an A+ in lovemaking. He was so hard, so emotionally high thinking about how he would nail his Liam, he hadn’t given a thought to telling his baby how good he made him feel. He frantically grabbed at Liam’s torso and brought him up to the top of the bed.

Reaching over to the nightstand, he opened the drawer for a bottle of lube. “Baby, I’m going to fuck you. But we need to lubricate your ass. I don’t want to be responsible for hurting you and clouding your first experience with any lingering pain. Lay on your side.”

“I can take you. I know I can,” whimpered Liam in a frenzy of need.

Milo didn’t listen. He took the lube and slathered his fingers. Reaching down to Liam’s ass, Milo began to massage his cheeks, As he caressed the high hard muscle, he reveled in the satin texture of Liam pale skin, which made such a startling contrast to the long, thick, straight ebony hair touching his shoulders and back. Milo sunk his face into Liam’s curtain of hair as he spread Liam’s cheeks. Taking his two largest fingers, he circled Liam’s hole, stretching his anal passage. He worked him for ten minutes until Liam’s desperate moans reminded Milo that Liam needed this connection as much as he did.

He rolled Liam over so they were face to face, pushing Liam’s knees to tuck up under his chin. He forced a pillow underneath his baby’s lower back. This allowed Milo full access to Liam’s mouth, cock, and hole. His fingers probed Liam’s passage, searching for the elusive sweet spot.

He knew he found it when Liam cried his name followed by, “Please, Milo, please, take me. I’m forever yours. Come inside me. I want you inside me!”

Milo looked down and lost himself in Liam’s violet eyes. Yes, his baby wanted him. Milo’s eyes blazed in passion. He pulled on Liam’s leg, bringing him up and closer. Liam took his own arms and placed them so they helped to angle his hole for a direct hit by Milo’s ready cock. Milo could wait no longer. He took his cock and shoved it toward Liam’s bright pink hole. Nothing held him back from claiming what he’d always thought of as his. He pushed. Liam bore down, and Milo moved past the sphincter muscle into his tight, hot passage.

Liam moved his muscles, clenching and relaxing, massaging Milo’s cock. Milo couldn’t wait for Liam to adjust. Liam salved his conscience by yelling, “Move, Milo. I need you hard and quick, now!”

Milo began to pound into Liam. Soon his body and his brain coalesced, and all that was left was the feeling produced by his dick in Liam’s hole. Over and over and over, he rammed into Liam ass, his balls slapping his baby’s cheeks. Milo needed more. His mouth moved over Liam’s skin. His hand stroked his baby’s long slender cock as it twitched between them. Liam shout showed a complete loss of control.

“Good, Milo, so fucking good. God, I love you…deeper, harder. Please don’t stop. Love me, please, love me. I need you to love me so much.”

Milo felt the beginnings of his orgasm at the base of his spine. It traveled from his brain, along his spinal cord, through his balls and sent electrical shocks to his cock. He began to cum. He felt like he shot an endless flood of cum into his baby’s ass. He imagined the passage painted in his seed, coated with his scent, marking his lover as his and his alone. He felt Liam’s dick explode in his hand, the jism shooting up and over Milo’s chest and under his chin. Milo lay on top of Liam and smeared the cum on his chest, over Liam’s body, spreading Liam’s seed between them. They lay silent, staring at each other in wonder. How did this happen?

Milo kissed Liam on the forehead, and when Liam tried to speak, Milo put his finger to Liam’s lips. “I’ll be right back, baby.”

He went into the bath and ran warm water. He dumped the ice from the bucket and filled it. He soaped up a wash cloth and brought both the bucket and cloth back to bed. Milo went to Liam and washed him with great tenderness, kissing and loving each area he cleaned. He rinsed the cloth in the water and wiped down his own chest. He left the bucket and cloth on the nightstand, slipped under the covers, and pulled Liam in close. Liam pinned him to the mattress with his leg bent up over Milo’s stomach and his nose somewhere near his nipple. Milo sighed. It would take some time to get used to sleeping on his back, but he wanted Liam this close, so he only had to reach out and know he lay there beside him…

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