Monday, March 5, 2012

My New Year's Resolutions

Okay, so it's the first week of March. I meant to get this post up on the blog on Jan. 1. Then that didn't happen and March 1 looked promising since in many cultures that was/is the start of the new year.But, *sigh* I didn't make that debut either. Here's my resolutions for 2012:

# 1. Stop dithering

# 2. Cook sometimes 
(Hubs says my books are filled with food, how come the kitchen isn't?) 
Hmmm. (I write better cooking than I cook.)

# 3. Write 4k words a day even if they suck. Just do it.

# 4. Lose some of the commas
(be brave)

# 5. Spend more time promoing 
(Could hardly be less, so this is a shoo-in).

# 6. Lose 7 pounds (it was 12 but I've shed 5) 

# 7. Plant a garden for fun. (See #6)

# 8. Laugh often and louder

Lil Player 
# 9. Play longer

#10. Throw in a pinch of naughty from time to time. (See # 5 )

Pinch of Naughty Available Now @ Kindle & Ellora's Cave

Happy 2012 to all you readers-- 
(who, like me, are catching up and trying to figure out what day it is.)




Savanna Kougar said...

Oooh, impressive list, Gem. Good luck!

Yeah, I write more about food than I get to make all the delish recipes in my books these days... darn it.

Gem Sivad said...

Well by the time I find my list again, it will be mid summer. I hoped to get my garden out soon, but spring turned back to winter over night here. :(

Hubs says I should plant seeds in a box insise, so I'm looking at garden catalogs and frowning at the weather.

Thanks for stopping by, Savanna.


Kayelle Allen said...

I love the fact that your first resolution is to quit procrastinating -- and you posted it in March. ^_^ ROFL! Seriously though, good luck with these. They're awesome. You can do it.