Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Potpourri

Hi,I stumbled (yikes, don't know what that means in terms of research) onto this whimsy and thought I'd share. I'm now watching myself walk as I pass windows and mirrors. 

A woman's history of vaginal orgasm

 is discernible from her walk!!

Researchers examined the association of general everyday body movement with history of vaginal orgasm to determine if trained observers could infer women's history of vaginal orgasm by watching them walkWomen volunteers were videotaped and supplied orgasmic history for comparative data.  Study Found on MedLine~Here
A discerning observer-->

CONCLUSION: Observers deduced, greater pelvic and vertebral rotation and stride length resulted in fluidity, energy, sensuality, and freedom...and in 81.25% of the time these were characteristics seen in the gait of women who had experienced vaginal orgasm.
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Alanna Coca said...

Oh wow, very interesting. I'm totally judging that woman in red there...

And now I'm going to walk funny, as I try hard to not give myself away...

Gem Sivad said...

Yes, I'm now staring at women trying to see if I agree with the study, or rather, trying to apply what the research decided.

Thanks for stopping by,Alanna.


Trina M. Lee said...

Interesting. I wonder if my walk gives me away. :) Great post.

Gem Sivad said...

I'm watching my rear in the mirror now, lol. I find some pretty strange things while I'm trolling for ideas.

Thanks, Trina.


Carrie Ann Ryan said...

Hmm... I'm guessing it may have been a man who watched woman walk then asked about their orgasms. In the name of research.


And now I'm afraid of how I will walk. LOL

Gem Sivad said...

Yep, my forward mobility is now impaired by too much info. lol

Thanks for stopping by, Carrie.


Savanna Kougar said...

Oh my! That would be interesting to use in the opening scene... a man guessing the woman's sexual history by her gait...

It might have more to do with women being aware of the vaginal sensations as opposed to vaginal orgasm... but who knows. I wonder if they have a study for orgasmic nipples?

Gem Sivad said...

I'll keep looking. Hmmm "orgasmic nipples". Another whimsy topic to explore. :D

Thanks for stopping by, Savanna


Kayelle Allen said...

You do find the most interesting topics, Gem. Never ceases to amaze me when I drop by this site, what new things I'll find. Definitely hatches plot bunnies.