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Interview with a Pleasure Slave

Khyff Antonello, the hero in For Women Only, was the Senior Security Advisor for the company For Women Only, a high-profile celebrity protection service for females. 

At one time, Khyff was also a slake -- a pleasure slave -- and performed the same type of service as a Jade in Empress Destoiya's stable of men. This interview takes place in the period shortly after the  the book Alitus, Tales of the Chosen begins. The fictional newsletter, The Tarthian Chronicles (TC), did the interview.

Thank you for agreeing to this interview with the Tarthian Chronicles.  What does the company For Women Only do?
Khyff:  We call it "FWO." We offer the highest possible security to celebrity female clientele without disrupting or interfering with their lives.
TC:  So this service is for stars?
Khyff:  More than just stars. We provide security for politicians, government workers, even high profile criminals. It doesn't matter. If you're female and a celebrity, For Women Only takes care of you. For a price, of course.
TC:  What sort of things do you do to protect them?
Khyff:  FWO makes its presence known to outsiders, warns them off, muscles in between the public and the celebrity, protects them from bomb threats, stalkers, weirdoes and fanatics. Physical and virtual. To outsiders, we're visible. Extremely so. However, to the celebrity, FWO is invisible. FWO makes their lives normal again.
TC:  What is your typical day like? And this time please give us a few more details.
Khyff:  I wish I had a typical day. [laughs] It's different, all the time. I have toured with two rock groups, a symphonic orchestra, watched over several politicians, and spent a month guarding a woman who was a political prisoner. For the rock group Wind and Thunder, I was Point Man, in charge of security, top to bottom. One hundred human guards, over a thousand droids.
TC:  Is it true you were a slake, and what does the word mean?
Khyff:  A slake is a prostitute. In our language, to slake means to quench or satisfy. Yes, I was, from the time I was fourteen -- not a legal age even in the empire, but I was a slave, and unable to free myself. My half brother Senth's adoptive father, Luc Saint-Cyr, helped me gain my freedom when I was twenty.
TC:  How did you meet Empress Destoiya?
Khyff:  [sits up straighter, quiet for a moment] She had me kidnapped to force my brother to comply with her wishes. I'm lucky to be here. To tell the truth, for a while there, I didn't think I'd ever be free again.
The Empress Takes Charge

TC:  She made you part of her stable of male pleasure slaves, yet the rumor is that you were never her slave.
Khyff:  That's true. She didn't give me a choice about joining, but I wasn't her slave. It was a temporary thing.
TC:  How long is temporary?
Khyff:  In my case it was a matter of a few days. Others have been with her for years, like Alitus.
TC:  Is it true that you made her beg to stop?
Khyff:  [Blushes] Yes, it is.
TC:  How did you do that? What's your secret?
Khyff:  When I was a slake, the other sex workers called me the Machine, because I could give pleasure without taking it. The secret is simple. I hated being forced and only wanted to be finished with it because my masters forbid me to eat until I'd serviced my quota for the day. I learned to turn off all my emotions so I could get through it. As the Machine, sex meant nothing. But since I've been married, [lowers head and smiles almost shyly] sex means everything.
TC:  Do you still have friends from your time as a slake?
Khyff:  Good friends. Trink and Dazzle were slakes also. Now they own Batchelor's, a neighborhood bar that does really well.
TC:  Those are odd names.
Khyff:  Well, they're street names. Trink was short for Trinket, because his female clients loved to show him off. His real name's Terellee, but don't print that! He'd kill me for blabbing. The name Dazzle came from Ivan's smile. He's got this mouthful of perfect teeth. You know the type? Looks like he has more teeth than any human should. They're both great friends of mine.
TC:  What was it like having sex with the Insatiable Empress? How did she treat you?
Khyff:  The empress gave me to her friends as if I were no more than a sex toy. I have no fond memories of my time with her.
TC:  You didn't enjoy sex with her at all? Was she a bad lover?
Khyff:  Rheyn Destoiya is not called the Conqueror simply because she overtakes worlds. She overtakes people as well. She rules her lovers. Dominates them. And no, I'm not referring to her penchant for dominance or submission, although I know for a fact she likes that. I'm referring to her emotional dominance. She's demanding, but I will admit she knows how to provide physical pleasure. She knows how to take it, too.
TC:  How much truth is there to the rumor that you were famous for "theme sex," and can you tell us what it is?
The Empress and a Jade
Khyff:  [Chuckles] That's quite true. "Theme sex" is when you provide a scenario for a client, such as being a space pirate or dressing like a soldier. Living out a fantasy for them.
TC:  Can you tell us one of your most successful themes?
Khyff:  Hmmm. [strokes his chin thoughtfully] I used to get a lot of requests for the copbot theme.
TC:  Could you tell us more about that, please?
Khyff:  I wore a skin-tight silver costume that made me look liquid metal. I had to pull back my hair (it was down over my shoulders back then) and wear a helmet and eye shades. Those thick-soled cop boots that come up to the knee, weapon belt. All the details. It was pretty convincing. [tilts head] Maybe that's why they first started calling me the Machine.
TC:  Were you ever tempted to impersonate a copbot outside the slakehouse?
Khyff:  Are you crazy? One foot outside the door in costume and I'd have been in prison so fast you'd blink and miss seeing it. Besides, people on the street never got to see what went on inside a slakehouse unless they paid for it. Nothing was ever given away except some glimpses of flesh and a list of available services. Teaser posters. Stuff like that.
TC:  So, what did you do as this copbot? Were you supposed to rough-up your clients or what?
Khyff:  A few liked that. I always handcuffed them.
TC:  More details please. [smiling] The readers want to get to know you.
Khyff:  [blushes] All right. The handcuffs I used were plasteen ones that don't damage skin, but there's no way to escape them. Once you're bound, you're staying that way until someone releases you. Clients liked being helpless because they'd paid for pleasure and they knew I was going to give it to them. But they were going to have to wait for me to decide when they'd get it. It added to the lust.
TC:  And then what? What came next?
Khyff:  After I "arrested" the client I'd strip search her. Part of the scenario was that the prisoner would offer to have sex with me if I'd let her go, but because I was an android, she'd have to throw herself at me to get a response.
TC:  Did you enjoy that one?
Khyff:  [grins] Hey, I'm human, not an android, even if they did call me the Machine.
TC:  Who taught you how to please a client sexually?
Khyff:  When I was fourteen, they gave me to two female slakes who were supposed to teach me how to pleasure them. I spent three days and nights with them before they turned me loose on the streets.
TC:  That seems awfully young.
Khyff:  It was. The legal age of consent is fifteen in the empire, so they were marketing me unlawfully. There were enough corrupt cops to cover them, but eventually that master got caught in a sting operation and is now in jail.
TC:  Are slakes mistreated?
Khyff:  The law provides safeguards, and if they're followed, you're in good shape. But I was never very lucky. My masters always kept me on Thrust, a sex-enhancing drug. The drug kept me erect for days. I'd do anything I had to in order to gain sexual release, but it wouldn't last when I was on Thrust.
TC:  They say some slakes are abused. Were you?
Khyff:  Yes. I was physically and sexually abused from the day I started working as a slake. If I hadn't reconnected with my brother and eventually gained my freedom, I might be dead right now. Thrust can kill you in large doses. So can a cruel master, and I had an unlucky knack for getting the worst of them.
TC:  Did you like sex?
Khyff:  Sex? Yes, when it was with someone pleasant. But I'd never been loved by anyone until I met my wife.
TC:  We promised not to ask questions about your marital relationship, so can you tell me, as a slake, did you have a favorite sexual position?
Khyff Antontello
Khyff:  [closes eyes briefly and sighs] I adored having a woman on top of me, feeling her sheath convulse around me during her orgasm, but I think my very favorite position was rather old-fashioned. I loved being on top so I could thrust into her. I love the way a woman's body feels when I stroke inside and she's all hot and wet. The way she bounces against me. But then, standing up is great, too, because I could brace her against the wall and all that wet heat would press her down on my—[coughs] I had a lot of favorites, now that I think about it. My body always lusted too easily.
TC:  What was the most unusual sexual position you learned and how is it done?
Khyff:  [grins] The Three-Eyed Turtle is wild. How can I say this politely—after, um, penetration, the male rotates 360 degrees above the female. Takes a bit of cooperation to complete. Definitely too much work for the amount of pleasure you get from it, if you ask me.
TC:  Tell us about one of the all-male brothels where you worked, please.
Khyff:  The only one I worked in that had all male slakes was called the Dinner Club. It catered exclusively to women in politics, so the name sounded like a restaurant. I didn't last long there.
TC:  Why was that?
Khyff:  It's embarrassing to say. Two members of Parliament got in a fight over me. They each claimed they'd paid for me for the night and neither one would back down. I was only trying to calm things down when I suggested they share me at no charge. The next morning my master sold me because I was "unruly". I hadn't been the one to start the fight. That always bothered me. It wasn't fair. [smiles] But the senators were happy and they both tipped me very well. One of them often visited me at the next place I worked.
TC:  Is it true that slakes who have—how to put this delicately—larger equipment cost more than the other guys?
Khyff:  So, that's why I made my masters all that money. [again the shy smile. He looks down at his hands]
TC:  [fans self] Uh, thank you for your frank answers, Khyff.
Khyff:  [lifts his gaze slowly] My pleasure.
For Women Only -- Khyff is a master of pleasure with a tortured soul. Can Mehfawni redeem the man her people destroyed, or will he destroy her for trying?
ISBN: 9781607374350  OR


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