Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Wine

I love wine.  It goes with everything.  I add it to my food while I cook.  I drink when I cook.   I drink it when I write, even my characters use it in various ways.

Growing up in Michigan, my parents enjoyed being wine tasters as a hobby so I learned an appreciation for Michian wines as I was carted from one winery to another.

Love of Michigan wines continues.  I joke with my brother who recently purchase a place on the Old Mission penisula, to keep an eye open for a winery we could buy and enjoy in our retirement.

Anyways, let me share a special wine with you today.
This is wine won the2009 and 2010 Tasters Guild Trophy for Best Dessert Wine.
The 2008 "42" Ice Wine from Fenn Vally Vineyards.   Fenn Valley Winery is located in beautiful West Michigan, near the city of Fennville.  This wonderful "Lake Effect" is smooth and silky, with rich flavors of peaches, mangoes, apples and honey.  Serve this wine with biscotti, fruit desserts, or by itself as as after-dinner drink.

Hmmm... here's an idea... use the wine to become dessert for your special someone.
Serve the wine room temperature.  Remove all your clothes and lay on your belly.  Have your special someone slowly pour a small amount of wine between your shoulder blades.  Allow the wine to slide down your spine to pool in the indent above your butt.  Now... your special someone can slowly and lovingly lap the wine from your body.

Oh... a news flash!   A new study conducted by the University of Florence, Italy; shows that women who indulge in a glass or two of wine each day have superior sex lives than those women who do not consume wine.

Now put that in your glass and drink it.

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