Monday, October 3, 2011

Cara Bristol's Unexpected Consequences, a domestic discipline erotic romance, is now available from Loose ID. It’s the story of newlyweds Melania and Jared Traynor who struggle to balance modern marriage with some very traditional values. Melania only thinks she knows what she’s getting by marrying man who will be the head of their household….

Unexpected Consequences Blurb
Jared belongs to the Rod and Cane Society, a secret organization of men who spank their wives to maintain domestic discipline. When Melania ignores a “request” from her husband and attempts to hide her disobedience, Jared spanks her.

While Jared believes the unpleasantness has been settled, for Melania it only has begun. Although she consented to the spanking, her fairytale notion of marriage has been shattered and she makes plans to leave Jared as soon as her parents return from vacation.

While she waits, Melania begins to see more positive aspects of domestic discipline. But just as she decides her love for Jared is paramount and she might be able to accept a domestic discipline marriage, Jared discovers she’d planned to leave him and once again her marriage is in jeopardy.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: paddling, spanking.

Unexpected Consequences Excerpt
Jared parked his Mercedes at the curb, dropped a few coins into the meter, and sprinted across the street to the shoe store. He was cutting it close. Their guests would arrive in a few hours, but he’d been so busy all week, he hadn’t had an opportunity until now to get the shoes.

Melania deserved them, not only for her immediate obedience the other evening, but also because she’d worked so hard. His young wife was quite the accomplished cook, and she’d tested recipes all week to find the right ones to please his friends. She’d cleaned the house until it gleamed. Fresh flowers decorated every nook and cranny, and the dining table was readied with their wedding china and silver.

He twisted his mouth ruefully. Taking her on the dining table wasn’t an option at this point, unless he wanted to wreck her beautiful table setting and break their wedding crystal.
The bell over the door tinkled as Jared dashed inside the shop.

The same clerk stood behind the counter, texting into her cell phone. She looked up, and recognition seemed to flicker in her gaze. She tapped a few more characters, then set the phone down. “Hey,” she said.

“I’m back,” he said. “I was hoping you still have the shoes my wife liked so much. Size seven?”

The clerk’s pierced eyebrow rose.

“The red ones, with the” -- he waved his hands -- “the little doodad bows.”

“I remember.” A frown creased her forehead. “We don’t have the shoes anymore.”

“Damnit.” Jared sighed. “I should have come back sooner. My wife will be disappointed. Well, thank you.” He turned to leave, then stopped. “Can you order another pair?” He looked at the clerk.

The clerk blinked. “For your wife? The girl you were with the other night?”

No, for somebody else’s wife. Jared stifled his sarcastic retort. It wasn’t the clerk’s fault. She had a lot of customers and couldn’t be expected to remember everyone. “Yes.”

“Your wife already bought them.”

He shook his head. “You must be mistaken.”

“I don’t think so. Your wife has long, dark, curly hair. Big, honking princess-cut wedding ring?” She stretched out her left hand and wiggled her ring finger.

The muscles in Jared’s face froze.

“Yeah.” The girl shrugged. “She came in a couple of days ago and bought the shoes.”

Jared’s temperature soared into the red zone. He managed to thank the clerk before striding out, a ball of fury bunching his shoulder blades. He covered the distance to his car in half the time, jerked open the door, and lowered himself inside. He fastened his hands on the steering wheel. Melania had deliberately disobeyed him and sneaked behind his back to buy the shoes.

His nostrils flared with anger as hurt clenched his chest in a tight-fisted grip.

He shook his head in dismay. He couldn’t say he hadn’t been warned. Melania’s father had told him his daughter had been a little overindulged. When Jared had asked his future father-in-law for his daughter’s hand in marriage, Conner Jackson had granted it readily but cautioned Jared that Melania needed a firm hand to control her willfulness.

“I have to accept some responsibility,” Conner had admitted. “While I didn’t hesitate to deliver the discipline Melania’s mother needed, I’m afraid I was too lenient on my daughter. She was such a sweet little girl, it was hard to say no to her, and sometimes she didn’t get the spankings she deserved.”

“I’ll do right by her, sir,” Jared had assured the older man.

“I know you will, son. My wife and I are pleased Melania has met someone older and wiser who loves her and will provide her with what she needs rather than with what she wants.”

As he recalled the conversation with Conner, Jared’s hurt and anger ebbed. He didn’t doubt Melania’s love or her inherent goodness. She had a heart as big as the ocean, and she would mature into a fine wife and mother. But she needed discipline.

It was time to provide some. Jared started the engine and headed home to Melania.