Thursday, October 20, 2011

13 Eye Candy Shots

Who doesn't love eye candy? I've been collecting some for book videos and other projects. Here are some of my favorites. All these images show some type of submission. Click the image to open full sized.

1. Perfect symmetry. This image is a great mix of color and light. Facing away, legs spread, the body is open to view.

2. Fluid movement. In this shot, the body and cloth form a smooth line, drawing the eyes in a sweeping path. Performance is a form of submission, permitting others to see the body.

3. Square-power. The strength of the body is reflected in the position of the arms across the chest, squaring off the image. The defiance of the pose is off set by the fact that he's sitting.

4. Balance. The model's arms and legs are posed similarly. This is a beautiful image of submission in pose as well as clothing.

5. Form plus color. This image relflects symmetry, grace, and power. The turned head and barely covered body reveals willingness to be viewed, despite the strong position of hands, and the bar of color across the body.

6. Same model, same cloth, different pose. Notice how the difference in pose and lighting changes the entire feeling of the image? Is this more or less open than the one above?

7. Use of shadow and light. Not showing the model's face evokes an image of submission, even without the leather trappings.

8. Darkness and light. The model's hidden face and raised arms signal submission here as well. The expression revealed when the shirt is removed will determine whether it's real.

9. The tilted back head and arms behind the body put this model in a position of submission. I imagine a vampire would have a hard time resisting this image!

10. This one comes across as defiant. Is he? Or is it nerves?

11. Placement ofthe hat says he's shy. The open gloves say he likes to protect himself, but wants to experience everything he can.

12.  Is he putting on the shirt, or taking it off?

13.  Completely open body, vulnerable, exposed. Swimsuits leave little to the imagination. In this case, very little. ;

A submissive male body is a beautiful sight. The power inherent in submission is there as well. All these poses show it -- if you look.

Photos licensed through,, and Used with permission.


Kayelle Allen said...

Very odd. The first image won't open larger, but it is actually quite a good-sized pic. Must be a blogger bug. When you click on the others, all of them open in a slideshow that is quite nice to watch. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Fascinating, Kayelle. You have such a good understanding of this.

Kayelle Allen said...

Savanna, research. Lots and lots of research. LOL

I love photography, and spend time researching photos for projects pretty much every day. It's one of my hobbies. :)

Anonymous said...

This was a great idea for a post. I'm not sure if it was the analysis or photos I enjoyed more.