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Tuesday Teaser - Bound for Pleasure

Here's a Teaser for 'Bound for Pleasure' 
a Fem Dom 1 Night Stand story from fellow 1NS author Ann Mayburn. 

Congrats on your September 2 release from Decadent Publishing.  Thanks for giving RWBB an exclusive,
never seen anywhere else snippet. 
Hugs & Chocolate! 

Tycen’s heart skipped a beat then pounded in his chest. A petite, curvy woman with big brown eyes and a mass of silky black hair artfully arranged around her face reclined on the wide cream leather chair of the suite’s well appointed living room. Her skin had the natural golden tan of someone of South American descent and her deliciously full lips graced an elegant face. She wore a tailored black suit with a string of pearls adorning her throat. He found her very beautiful in a soft and feminine way and his body stirred in interest.

Not at all what he expected.

He moved out of the foyer and tossed his key card on the polished mahogany table next to a stylish black leather purse that he assumed belonged to her. A carry-on suitcase leaned against the far wall and anticipation sent a rush of desire through his body. “Uh-nice to meet you.” He cleared his throat and resisted the urge to redo his tie. “How did you get into my room?”

“Jackson Castillo let me in. He said your fans spotted you at the bar and it would be better to meet you here.” She uncrossed her legs with a slow grace that made his mouth go dry. “Have a seat.”

He moved to sit in the chair across from hers but she said in a low voice, “At my feet.”

Those words froze him and awakened a part of his soul that had been sleeping since his wife’s death. The command in her voice, the strength that wouldn’t tolerate any arguments. His mind might be conflicted, but his body wasn’t. Before he even made a conscious decision to move he knelt before her on the deep gray carpet. Up close he noticed the flecks of amber in her expressive eyes and the fact that she didn’t wear any makeup.

She tilted her head and considered him. Even on his knees, they were almost at the same height. He wondered how she managed to have such a dominant presence when he could physically overtake her without breaking a sweat.

“Tycen, I come into this knowing more about you than you know about me. I understand why you need me, and what you need me to do.” She took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes. “You need a Mistress for the night to help you find your subspace, don’t you?”

He tried to answer her, but the words stuck in his throat. For seven years his wife had been his Mistress, had dominated him in the bedroom and given him pleasure and release like nothing he had ever experienced. He nodded and swallowed past the lump in this throat. If they had any chance of this working, he had to be honest with her. “Yeah.”

“Yeah,” she imitated him with a small laugh. Leaning forward, she curled her fist into his braids and pulled his head back, exposing his throat and making him strain to see her. He could have jerked out her grasp any time he wanted...but he didn’t want to. The pressure of having his hair pulled sent a shot of heat straight to his groin and his dick began to swell. “Is that how you answer me?”

“No, ma’am.”

The pressure on his hair lessened as she released him and stroked her hand over his cheek. A path of electric tingles followed her touch and he rubbed his face into her caress. Her soft sigh was music to his ears as he brushed his lips over the thin skin of her wrist and kissed her palm.

“I realize this is only for tonight, but I need this as much as you do. My ex-fiancé who was also my submissive died in combat over in Iraq two years ago.” She briefly closed her eyes and the delicate muscles of her jaw clenched. “I’ve tried to date other men since then, but they are either not into the lifestyle or so submissive I want to shake them and tell them that no one finds a human doormat sexy.”

He raised his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. She uncrossed her legs and he had a brief glimpse up her skirt. He caught a glance of silky panties between her deliciously rounded thighs and bit back a sigh of his own. His cock twitched in interest and he shifted, wishing he had taken the time to remove his jacket first. The idea of giving total control to her became more interesting by the second.

“I like a man who is a man.” She gestured toward him. “Big, strong, muy macho. I like knowing that all that strength is held in check for my pleasure, that all of that power is mine to use however I want.” Her tone dropped to a husky purr and she held his gaze. “I like to push my men, to have them scream my name when they come.” She leaned closer so that her lips almost brushed his as she spoke. “I like to ride their faces, to grind my pussy on their greedy mouths and make them lick me clean after I orgasm.”

He clenched his hands into fists at his sides, fighting the urge to grab her and kiss those beautiful lips. She had hardly touched him and already his dick throbbed to the beat of his heart. “Please.”

She pulled back and studied him With the tips of her fingers she traced his forehead and stroked down to his cheeks and lips. “What are your limits.”

He’d been thinking about this a lot, wondering how far he would have to go to reach the intoxicating state of subspace. A place where he existed only to feel, where the rush of endorphins filled him with the kind of mind-numbing bliss he craved. In subspace all the responsibilities and demands of his life disappeared. There, he lived only for the pleasure of his Mistress.

His wife had known how to get him there, but the one Domme he had been with after her passing had left him frustrated. She’d been too in awe of his fame to properly top him and the experience left him hollow and emptier than before. He prayed that it wouldn’t be that way with Lara.

He couldn’t just show up at a BDSM club and hope that word wouldn’t get out, and the thought of going to a whore disgusted him. He held the D/s relationship sacred and his submission wasn’t a gift he gave up easily...at least normally it wasn’t. Something about this curvy, little woman made his blood boil to serve. He lowered his gaze to her lips and licked his own. God, I want to kiss her. “No blood, no heavy bondage, no burning or scarring. No humiliation or wet play. I don’t like gags or cock restraints.”

“What are your ‘must haves’?”

He smiled at her and liked the way she watched him, as if she noted every detail, every nuance of his expression. “I must be able to make you orgasm. That’s what I love to do, what I crave, to bring you pleasure. Use me, make me do whatever you want—as long as it pleases you, I am happy.”

She leaned forward and slipped his loose tie around his collar and over his head. Her heat pressed against him as she parted her thighs and scooted down so he pressed between their softness. With her legs spread so wide, her skirt rode up to expose the deep amethyst silk panties covering her mound. He couldn’t wait to remove them with his mouth.


Ann Mayburn is an erotica and romance author.  

Seducing your imagination one book at a time.

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