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If It Wasn’t Hard, It Wouldn’t Be Any Fun

Special Guest Author, Willa Edwards.

Spicy Erotic Romance Author and Life-Long Book Lover
My mother has always told me I have to pick the hard way to do everything. And she’s not wrong. The easy path has never been my style. How much fun can you have doing everything the easy way? The fun comes from having to work hard at something, to strive and struggle to meet that accomplishment.

The same is true for my writing.

Many might be surprised to know that English was not my highest graded subject in school. But in fact I excelled in math. I slept through algebra and got an A minus, same with calculus. I was in all the advanced math classes. I even scored one hundred points higher on my Math SAT than my English. I actually never did well in English classes.

So I’m sure, if my engineering mother didn’t know me better she would have been squirreling away money for top tier technical school. But no, I wanted to be a writer.

Now, just to be clear, writing being hard isn’t the only reason I love it so much. I have a passion for writing, stories, and people, that transcends difficulty. But if it were easy, would I like it as much, probably not. Some of the things I love about writing, is the searching, the desperate trying to find that right word or analogy. Trying to create just the right hero to make the readers melt, or just the right heroine that every woman can relate to her. Discovering all the right plot points to keep the reader guessing, yet never feeling contrived.

If it were easy to put together the perfect story, it wouldn’t be as worthwhile. If everyone could do it, or if it didn’t take years to learn the story craft, it wouldn’t feel so fulfilling when you finally made it all work out just right.

And, to continue this tradition of always taking the harder path, I also choose difficult stories to tell. I try with each new novel to stretch my writing muscles even farther, whether it’s in the characters I choose, or the situation they get themselves into.

A ménage proved harder than I anticipated. To create three complete characters that can function as one relationship, to justify such an untraditional connection, to balance the emotion and attraction to more than one person. It was quite difficult to find all the right pieces and fit them together, but completing this work has only strengthened and toned those writing muscles even more. And it has filled me with great pride in my work. Now I know I can write any story I want. And I wouldn’t have known that if this work hadn’t been so hard.

So what’s the point in taking the easy way, when doing things the hard way can be so much fun?

Here’s a little excerpt from my new release, Midnight Mirage;
 a challenge and honor to write.


Lincoln and Gabe, best friends and the hottest new alt-rock duo Mirage, only want one thing. Mallory. They’ve been waiting a year for Mallory to open her heart to both of them and accept the alternative relationship they wish for.

Mallory’s flattered by their attentions but can’t believe they’re any more than sweet words. They’re rock stars, surrounded by beautiful woman. They can’t possibly want a plain-Jane reporter like her.

When a crazed fan forces their hand, their protective instincts take over. Gabe and Lincoln aren’t willing to wait for their woman any longer. They initiate her with intense pleasure, ringing in the New Year in the naughtiest way possible. But when they whisper words of love and forever in her ear, she runs away.

Will Mallory be able to open her heart and return their affection, or will insecurity keep her from the men who love her?


“Ready for your interview?” Mallory asked, her voice rumbling with unease as she took the final steps to meet Lincoln and Gabe, the duo who made up Mirage, the band she’d been sent to this New Year’s extravaganza to interview. The ground vibrated beneath her feet from the bass of the band still onstage. She looked up to meet their eyes, the focused heat of Lincoln and Gabe’s gaze burning her like a laser. Mallory tried to ignore the warm fluttering in her stomach at their stare, and the heat climbing up her face.

There was something different about the way they looked at her today. The way they’d watched her approach. Her reporter sense tingled.

She knew these men better than probably anyone else did, beside their mothers. In the year since she’d met them, they’d become the constant in her new, relentlessly-moving life spent searching for new stories and bands. Since she’d started her career last January she could only recall a few instances when she’d gone more than three weeks without running into Gabe and Lincoln. She’d interviewed every one of their opening acts, reported on the same award ceremonies and benefits they attended, and even ended up at the same hotel as they were during their vacation, which she’d arrived at to interview a different musician entirely.

At first it had seemed odd to her, too coincidental, but after a few months on the road she’d started to look forward to these chance meetings. Enjoying each moment with these men, basking in the attention they showed her, the flirting words and accidental touches of Gabe, and Lincoln’s deep eyes focused on her as he quizzed her about rock history.

“Of course.” Gabe’s British accent made him sound overly polite as he spoke. Though she knew he was anything but. He took a step closer to her, so she could smell the aftershave and warm sweat from his performance dabbled on his skin.

“Let’s start with what you two are planning.” Mallory looked back and forth between them, trying to determine the direction of their thoughts.

“We were trying to determine how to get you into bed with us,” Gabe stated matter-of-factly. He glided closer to her, fitting into one side like a key in a lock, while Lincoln circled around to the other, making her feel like she was being surrounded by hungry sharks.

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