Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Quincy's Woman (Adult Excerpt)

Recommended Read Reviewer Rose @ Two Lips Reviews said: 5 kisses & a Recommended Read~"...a sweet and often hilarious historical …with very hot scenes told in first person as entries in Lucy's journal.  This book made me laugh so much, people wanted to know what I was reading..."

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ISBN: 9781419933424
Scene set up: The morning after their wedding night. Lucy Quince is new to marital relations. Ambrose is interested in furthering her education in the pantry.
"Hold on," Ambrose told me.
Not knowing what to expect, I did as he instructed, grasping the wooden board before me. Startled, I felt his calloused  palm smooth across my rump and then fall lower to part my legs. "Husband?" It wasn't the manner in which we had joined the preceding night and I found it awkward as I stood with his chest pressed against my back.
"Trust me," he growled. Pulling my hips back toward him, he prodded the entrance to my channel with his shaft. As he entered me I winced, tender from our former coupling. He reached in front of me and began to fondle my feminine folds, concentrating his attentions on the sensitive button that pulsed with need.
"Yes," I whimpered already feeling the liquid emissions that made me slick and ready for his thrust.
"God, yes," he agreed. Sinking his manhood into my passage, he began stroking in and out at the same time he teased the nub of my sex. At first his thrusts were gentle, inching part way, before withdrawing to enter me again. But soon, he gave himself up to passion and wrapped his arm around mywaist, tilting me for the right angle so that each drive carried him closer to my core.
My breath was a harsh pant in the small room. I couldn't grasp the pleasure I'd captured the night before and my frustrations were emitted in a mewling cry of need. He increased the fervor of his joining,rotating his groin against my rump and pressing his fingers against the sensitive bud within my plump moist folds.
I was filled to the brim with my husband's manhood when he pinched my nub of pleasure and I cried out claiming ecstasy at last. My flesh squeezed his shaft as pulsating bliss rippled through me.  
"Only for you," he growled in my ear as he came, pumping in and out of me so hard and fast every thrust carried me upward as he spilled his seed in my depths.
As he had the night before, he slumped against me when he was spent and gasping for breath. The fervor of our coupling had left me standing on unsteady legs and I braced myself against the shelves to hold myself upright.
Our combined weight was apparently too much for the old board which cracked under the strain, breaking and sending a tin of flour and cans of beans tumbling to the floor.
Embarrassed, I hid my face in my hands, trying to stifle my laughter. Not so inhibited, my husband caressed my rump, than smacked it sassily."Hold your dress up and I'll get a wash cloth to clean you."
I waited, grinning idiotically at our decadent behavior ´til he returned,  gently cleansing the emissions from my now very tender lower regions before pulling up my drawers and dropping my skirts. My smile disappeared when I turned to find him holding a broom ready for my use.
"Made quite a mess," he said, pointing at the white powder he'd tracked from the pantry into the other room.
He exited wearing a smug smile of satisfaction and I held the broom, not sure whether to sweep the flour from the floor or use the tool as a club to smack my husband in the head.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Ooooh, yes, nothing like carnal passion. And I can so relate to Lucy's feelings when Ambrose hands her the broom. Men are so dang stupid, sometimes!!! LOL...

Gem Sivad said...

Romance isn't Ambrose's forte...and yet, he loves her so much. Lucy has a lot to learn about men and life as you can see. :)

Thanks for stopping by, Savanna


Savanna Kougar said...

Yeah, I know he loves her. And I doubt I've ever learned enough about the strange ways of men at times. ~smiles~