Thursday, September 29, 2011

Thursday Thirteen – 13 Date Nights

We all seem to live very busy lives and time for romance is simply squeezed in. A friend of mine gave me the idea to write this post when she told me how she and hubby set a night a week aside as a date night. All week long they anticipate the one evening alone without kids and some one-on-one time with each other. Hmm… I think I like that anticipation part.

1. Stay overnight at a hotel and order room service.

2. Go out for dinner and a movie.

3. Visit a bar or pub you used to frequent when you were dating. Or simply visit a local saloon for a drink and dancing.

4. Visit a museum or attend a poetry reading.

5. If you have an entire day, hop into a car and drive in one direction for an hour. See where it takes you and find things to do when you get there. I remember doing this with hubby and we’d find fun ice cream parlors, antique shops and even a couple wineries.

6. Grab a pizza to go and a bottle of wine then find a nice spot in a local park or even your backyard to eat.

7. Go out just for dessert. Eat it sensually.
8. Go for a walk in the woods or a park. Take a blanket and lie under a tree and cuddle for an afternoon or watch the moon rise.

9. Make dinner together, sipping wine as you do. Play music and enjoy simply being together.

10. Rent a movie, serve up drinks and popcorn. Slip into “something more comfortable” and see if you make it to the end of the movie.

11. Play a board game. Strip Monopoly, honey?

12. Have an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket on the floor or use the coffee table. Light candles and have some fresh flowers to add to the ambiance.

13. Take a long bath together by candlelight. How about some wine too?

What would be a romantic date night for you?

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Savanna Kougar said...

Right now a long bath together by candlelight, even without the wine would work.