Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tasty Treat with DC Juris

Tasty Treat by DC Juris

Hi folks! DC Juris here. I'll be your guest host for today. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a transgender fella who writes GLBTQ and heterosexual romance, but mostly m/m.

For today's prompt, and because I'm generally crappy at coming up with things to blog about, I asked my Facebook friends what they want to know. My good friend, and fellow m/m romance writer, Ellis Carrington came up with six questions—here's one of them: What is your favorite ice cream?

Now, if you now anything about me at all, you know there's no such thing as a question with a simple answer. And this one is no different.

Growing up, I was only allowed to have store brand Neapolitan ice cream. That was dad's favorite, so nothing else could come into the house. The only exception was if they were out of Neapolitan, in which case he'd buy butter pecan, but he wasn't happy about it. Even the division of ice cream was controlled. Dad got the chocolate, mom got the strawberry, and I was left with vanilla. Not that vanilla's not nice, but every now and then, another flavor would've been nice. I didn't dare think about sneaking a bite of anything else, though. If you think that's all drastic, consider this: I wasn't even allowed to go into the ice cream section of the store.

Crazy, right?

In high school, I started dating a guy named Robert who liked ice cream. We'd frequently stop at one of those parking lot ice cream places—you know, the giant ice cream cones randomly sitting in the parking lot of some megastore or mini mall. I can still remember standing there staring at the menu in awe, wondering what I should get. I had my first chocolate peanut butter. My first banana-flavored. We even went on a mini road trip once, and I had strawberry cheesecake.

A year or so later, a friend and I went to Baskin Robbins. Oh. My. GOD. Thirty-one flavors, all for me??? Some of them I'd never even heard of. And the colors! I'd never really seen the ice cream at the giant cone place. I was completely amazed at the rainbow of creamy goodness!

My husband is also an ice cream enthusiast and takes me to get cones. Although, admittedly he just enjoys watching me eat them. Apparently I'm quite…er…erotic at it. ::shy grin:: He's introduced me to flavors like Heavenly Hash, Chunky Monkey, and Panda Paws.

But what's my favorite flavor? I don't really have one. I'm fond of chocolate peanut butter, but I'm still searching for my favorite. So far haven't tried but a few I didn't like!

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