Thursday, June 2, 2011

13 Things That Could Happen If...

 My topic today is 13 Things That Could Happen If I had a perfect summer. Ah... first thing I think is I'd try to find the lake where this hottie swims and start frequenting it. With a camera. Oh... my.

Of course that would lead to other things. I might...

  1. get a tan
  2. buy a new bathing suit
  3. swim more
  4. get plenty of exercise
  5. tone up
  6. destress and relax
  7. get really really *wet* mmm...
  8. stock up on beach towels
  9. count fireflies
  10. play in the sand
  11. paddle a canoe, or...something else ;)
  12. rest in the shade
  13. sleep under the stars
 What would you do with your perfect summer?


Kayelle Allen said...

Did I mention that if you click the picture it opens full size? This photo was taken by Andrei Vishnyakov of Vish Studios.

Sarah Pearson said...

As soon as I read your comment I clicked. Other half looked over and said "who on earth is that?"
"Who on earth cares?" was my answer!

My perfect summer would involve reading and writing in the garden, endless cold drinks on tap, and no bugs :)

Kayelle Allen said...

LOL Sarah! Indeed. I second your summer and agree heartily on the no bugs! And in case that other half really wants to know, that's a Russian model named Anton. I'm sure he has a last name, but ... well, like you said. ;)

Savanna Kougar said...

Ah... the perfect summer... escape to an isolated island... with lots of walking room, and beautiful landscapes... with time to read and write... friendly folks... some good places to eat... and naps whenever I want... okay, if some worthy man happens along, so much the better. ~smiles~

Vivien Jackson said...

I want a poster of *that* on my closet door.

Summer, oh right. A good one for me is making it all the way through with no major sunburns in the family, fingers crossed.