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Six, Six... but not 666... Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds

Saturday greetings. I’ve been working on my edits for Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds, and now I’m doing a read-through.

My heroes, Zol and Zin, are the real deal -- fiery, deadly beasts from the Underworld. Hellhounds.

However, while they are shifted into their human form, they prefer to be gentleman in the style of Cary Grant and Remington Steele ~ the character played by Pierce Brosnan. Kandy, their witch heroine, is fond of calling them her gentlemen hellbeasts.

Kandy, Zin and Zol’s erotic love story is being published by Siren-BookStrand, and is scheduled for e-release in August 2011. The print edition is scheduled for December 2011.

I’ve also seen the first mock-up of the cover art. Amanda Kelsey of Razzle Dazzle Design is my cover artist.

Let me tell you, this cover is Sexy. Stunning. Gorgeous. It’s beyond perfect for my magickal shapeshifter story, and I can’t wait to show it off.

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds

Blurb ~

Kandace doesn’t know why she’s a real witch. When the mysterious Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage, she agrees to dance with them.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, find their one witch. Undeterred by her wariness, they passionately woo her into their bed.

Here’s the first SIX sentences from the first SIX chapters ~

Chapter One:
Zolivar and Zindale

August 14, 2009

“Ready to unleash your inner being?” Zol asked his twin. Utterly naked, he pulled off his gold and onyx signet ring, twirled it once on his finger, then slid it inside his tuxedo pants pocket.

Zin stripped off his dress pants and tossed them inside their black sports car, affectionately known as the Twilight Mirage. He shut the door with a neat twist of his wrist. “I’m releasing my inner beast,” he returned with dry amusement.

Standing side by side, they traveled their supernatural gazes over the Mojave Desert’s moonlit landscape.

Chapter Two:
Kandace Sylvia Winter

October 30, 2009

Kandace halted part way up the long curving staircase. “Lightball,” she whispered. Instantly, the luminous blue sphere she’d imaged before her third eye appeared.

Floating ahead of her, the blue ball guided her steps as she mounted the stairs. Kandace hoped her lightball wasn’t noticed by anyone attending the high society charity event, since it provided enough illumination for the darkened upper level.

Kandace sensed the man standing on the top landing of the stairway before she saw him.

Chapter Three:
Ménage à Trois Red

Zin watched the witch slide down the grand staircase’s banister.

“Look at that,” he uttered, his gaze riveted by her perky peach-shaped ass. Covered only by the black silky material of her pantyhose, it was a temptation beyond compare.

“An arousing sight, indeed, as proven by the tight fit of my pants.” Zol particularly appreciated the small witch’s legs as she athletically flung them, maneuvering off the banister. “Gorgeous gams, slim and curvaceous.”

Chapter Four:
Alien Tuxedo Twins

Kandace sipped on her ice-whipped drink. Flavored with apple liqueur and apple cider, it was her own recipe for a Candy Apple. Not only did she relish the taste, the color matched her dress.

Besides, she definitely needed the alcohol for her frayed nerves. Not because of her theft, no -- the Alien Tuxedo Twins, as she thought of them, had her spooked but good. Shivers cascaded through her as she glanced their way.

Chapter Five:
Where is this Enduoir Prime?

“It will be my distinct pleasure.”

Zol couldn’t recall ever desiring the touch of a woman’s hand more, certainly not with this savage intensity. Speculation, wariness glinted within her bewitching indigo eyes, more appropriately described as shimmering orbs of cobalt blue and purple.

She approached him like a slow-motion scene, and when her hand alighted on his, Zol softly winged inside.

“If you don’t tell me, remember, I am wearing spiked heels.” She scowled formidably.

Chapter Six:
Spellbound Hounds

Zin tasted the candy apple drink he’d purchased for himself out of rabid curiosity. Waiting on the edge of the ballroom floor, he watched his twin masterfully handle their lovely Kandy Apple. As the two of them spoke about her heritage, Zol enticed her closer.

So far, his brother mind-sent the words between him and the gorgeous witch.

As he drank, the icy apple-tart concoction interested Zin’s taste buds. Though, given the torrid state of his loins, he fantasized about pouring it on his nether column, then feeling the little laps of her tongue.



Savanna Kougar

~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Savanna Kougar is the best-selling author of ten ebooks, with five books in print. She pens love stories because that’s her deepest heart. She writes in the futuristic/fantasy/paranormal subgenres because that’s her fiercest passion. And, she writes erotic romance because she ferociously enjoys ripping the damn doors off.


Savanna Kougar said...

Happy Saturday...

Cara Bristol said...

Always enjoyed Remington Steele. Enjoyed your excerpts, too.

Vivien Jackson said...

Those excerpts are perky! Bring on August.

Serena Shay said...

Mmm...I can't wait to get my hands on Zin and Zol, er the story! ~wink~ Glad edits are going so well. :)

Savanna Kougar said...

Hi Cara, thanks! There's just something irresistible about Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele.

Savanna Kougar said...

Vivien, perky... Kandy is perky in a witchy insouciant way. ~smiles~

Savanna Kougar said...

Serena, if I do say so myself, Zin and Zol are hands-on sexy, whether Kandy is handling them, or they're handling her.

There's a lot of sexy erotic 'handling' in A MAGICAL RETURN. ~big smiles~