Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Idea Spark – A Fro Affair

Been organizing my files and came across an idea that was sparked by something I saw.

Sometime last year I was on my way home when I passed this woman who was sporting a slamming Afro hairstyle. The woman’s fro was big, high and poufy. I think it was a wig but it was so good I couldn’t tell. She was also sporting the clothing to go with the fro. She looked fierce. People were turning and looking at her. Me included. People were complimenting her on her look. Like any good diva she said thank you graciously and kept strutting. As I watched the woman stepping looking cool and fierce my mind was racing.

Yep another idea was taking shape. That day as I walked home I thought of the Fro. The idea took shape for a book with a woman in a fierce fro and clothes to match. Since reading it recently I know exactly where I will be using the fro idea. In a new series I am working on there is a supper club where the main characters go to. The owner of the super club will be getting her own. I will be writing in a sixties theme night using my afro idea spark.

A fro brought so much more than viewing pleasure. It brought an inspiration. I’ve mentioned before that there are inspirations for ideas all around you. Taking something that happens in the everyday life then using it create a concept and make it yours. The unexpected can lead to so much more.

Any little thing can give you an idea spark.


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Sarah Pearson said...

I love this. I have a whole folder of snippets of overheard conversation and sightings that have intrigued me. I tend to take great interest in the things people have in their shopping baskets :)

Vivien Jackson said...

Fros are awesome. Looking forward to your fierce-looking chick.

Savanna Kougar said...

Taige, fabulous idea! ~ "I will be writing in a sixties theme night using my afro idea spark."

I so remember those times, and those spectacular and beautiful fros.