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Thursday Thirteen ~ Fireworks in My Erotic Romance

Fireworks: Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 "To Catch a Thief"

As a teenager emerging into womanhood, the movie, To Catch a Thief, made a major impact on me, even though, at the time, I watched it on the small screen since it was a late night TV movie.

The intense, witty dialogue...and the cat and mouse game of passion between the heroine and the hero... well, yeah, it hit me where I lived as a young woman discovering her sexuality.

So, okay, I’m a fire-sign Aries, and I’ve always found fireworks displays to be mega exciting. The sight of fiery colors exploding, blossoming in the night sky thrills me, and also ignites my spiritual side. Oh yeah, the Big Bang of the Universe, or the cosmic orgasm as I think of it.

As overly fond as I am of the word ‘fireworks’ ~ and, I am in the context of sex-passions ~ when I actually did a word search of my published books... well, as far as the results, I was surprised. Evidently, I’d reined in my tendency toward that particular purple-passion description. Darn it!

I also wanted to present how other erotic romance authors used the word ‘fireworks’ in their love/sex/passionate scenes. OOPS! Not much response there, either. Oh, and a Google search was pretty much nil, except for a complaint by a reader who said that the word ‘fireworks’ was used too much.

So, on to PLAN B and then, PLAN C... but FIRST! Here’s what I did gather together.

1) Sophie writhed and her hips lifted off the bed. Her head pushed against his palm, rolling around as he held her forward. She wrapped her legs about his hips, heels crossed over his ass. Tyler saw his own personal fireworks exploding behind his closed eyes.

Kissin' Cops: Star Spangled Kiss
Christa Paige

The buy link will be live on Monday, the 5th ~ ~

2) As he faced her, their gazes exploded into one another, feeling like fireworks rapid-firing back and forth to Kylie.

“Little Kylie, I’d grab you close, kiss you senseless, but we both know where that would lead. I don’t ride my horses when they’re not up to par, and certainly not my wife.”

Branded by the Texans
by Savanna Kougar

~ E-coming in August 2010 from Siren-BookStrand ~

3) “Oh,” Natalie uttered. “This is one piece of news I don’t think I’ll be spreading around. I’ll just stand back and watch the amazing battle-of-the-sexes fireworks.”

Zryphus moved to the door, and murmured teasingly down to Natalie, “You’re not going to tell her I’m the man for her?”

“And get dead shot in the heart before I could blink my own passin’? No, sir.”

Murder by Hair Spray in Gardenia, New Atlantis
by Savanna Kougar

Available at Siren-BookStrand.

PLAN B ~ A search of my WIPs

4) Her knees buckled unexpectedly. Kandace collapsed against Zol. “Oh, take me, lick me.” The plea spilled from her lips, unbidden. Yet, it was exactly what she wanted. “Make it like fireworks... you know that Cary Grant movie.”

“To Catch a Thief.” Zol wrapped her with both arms, capturing her against him.

“You’ve caught our thief,” Zin quipped, his tone like curling smoke.

If she hadn’t been seduced to near panting incoherence, Kandace would have burst out laughing at the betrayal of her own subconscious.

From my WIP ~ Kandy Apple for Halloween

5) Sondra quivered violently. Instantly, he wrapped his arms around her, his virile heat enveloping her, his lips never leaving hers alone. Tenderly, his mouth demanded her passion, as if he were her dream lover. Real now, and here with her. The shaking of her body lessened, her hands tentatively slipped over his shoulders, sliding around his neck. If she only focused on the sensations, the incredible fireworks raging through her...if...

From my WIP ~ The Black Wolf’s Prophetess

6) “Problem, honey?” he asked, settling inside. “You’re squeezing that jar like I’d like to have your hands wrapped around my cock right now.” He turned the key, purring the jeep on.

Keziah jumped, literally. “Somewhere,” she muttered. “”

“Somewhere as in ‘getting off’ somewhere?” he rasped, more raw eagerness in his voice than she’d ever heard before.

“Yes, ‘off’,” she murmured, quaking inside. “Know somewhere? Now?” Her hands convulsively twisted back and forth on the jar.

He didn’t say anything, just pulled out. She should have seen where they were going. He wasn’t speeding. A haze enveloped her, of him, of them, of the need building like fireworks inside her.

From my WIP ~ Curses Were Strange Beasts

7) “The werewolf is blackest passion for you.” Brianna smiled broadly with her knowing. “Through the wolfen eyes of my Mate, I watched the sparking display. Like fireworks.”

“Oh-my-gawd.” Keira moaned. Still, she noticed Brianna’s exceptionally gentle touch on her wrist pulse.

“You require rest.” With obvious expertise, Brianna pressed the meridian points on Keira’s arm. “I shall have the correct potion made up for you.”

“Thank you,” Keira murmured, then reclaimed her arm.

“Keira, in the werewolfen world such a fireworks display is received as good news by all of us. We know Zane has chosen his Mate wisely. Therefore, we all trust his leadership with a greater heart.”

From my WIP ~ Secret Lives of Fortunate Wolves

8) “Where’s a spell against strange-bloodline vampires when you need one?” she sarcastically crooned.

“If I say ‘in hell’ will that make me a demon in your eyes?” Careful scrutiny lie beneath the am� Her smoldering gaze traveled the length of his body. A thorough perusal, that had him standing ‘at attention’.

From a scene I’m currently writing titled, To Capture a Cat Burglar

PLAN C ~ On December 28, 2008, I began writing a Serial Flash, two hundred words a day, that is still continuing on my Kougar Kisses blog, and is at *Part 548* currently. And, yep, I found FIREWORKS!

Happy Courtship on another Earth

X-Serial Flash in Two Hundred ~ Sylva and Zeke’s love story

10) Part 22 ~

Sylva sparkled as if New Year’s day fireworks soared inside her. Deciding she would live for today, she lifted her hips a bit as his work-rough hands smoothed down her pantyhose, gliding down her skin in a way that had her ready to swoon. “You didn’t answer, Zeke,” she provoked, astounded by how sultry her voice sounded. Deliberately he stroked down her shin, his pleasure obvious. “I don’t want your eyebrows singed yet, darlin’. That’s for later. I want you smoky and silky beneath me.” With seductive care, he slipped her feet free of the pantyhose, his hands relishing her arches.

Zeke caressed her little soft toes, letting his fingertips linger before stroking them away. “Oooh, a man with answers,” she crooned, her shoulder rolling forward, teasing his eye. Standing, he unbuckled his gun belt and hung it within easy reach. Not wanting to make her shy away from him, he unbuttoned and slid off his vest, then sat beside her on the lounge. His cock ached a protest, fighting against his pants. Gently capturing the side of her face, he brushed his thumb over her flushed cheek. “What an impudent nose you have, my beautiful Sylva. Should I kiss it?”

11) Part 91 ~

Sylva noticed he hadn’t said the year of his birth. She’d asked, wondering at their compatibility, by using numerology and astrology. They were both fire signs, which meant they would more easily understand each other’s natures. In the passion department, it meant fireworks, or one of them fanning the flames of the other. He certainly knew how to fan her fiercest highest flames. Of course, if they both exploded at each other in an argument, it could be a war zone of dropping bombs. Still, that depended on how their natal charts matched up. “We’re both fire signs,” she offered.

Zeke had wondered about her reason for asking. Now he grinned. He hadn’t wanted to frighten her with his actual age, given the life spans on her world appeared much shorter. “My darling little spitfire,” he crooned. She flirtatiously rolled her shoulders. “My tall handsome lion,” she sang back. With a light step she turned, taking his arm. Martha had discreetly moved across the parlor. Now she walked to meet them, a knowing smile lighting up her strong visage. “Is there anything you need, Zekie-boy?” Pausing, he drawled, “No, ma’am. Give my regards to Uncle Adam. Is Royce in town?”

12) Part 191 ~

Sylva reached out before she realized it, the sight of Zeke’s tanned masculine hand irresistible. Halting herself, she weighed the emotional pros and cons, a slugfest with herself... then covered his hand with hers. Tenderly, slowly, he turned his hand over, his palm meeting hers. Moments later, his thumb caressed, sweetness and sensual invitation. With a natural movement they clasped hands and Sylva wondered if she’d ever felt this magical glow with any other man. This lighter than air feeling. Yet, their connection was solid. Her closest description was when she stood on the Earth with only her bare feet.

Zeke surreptitiously observed the emotions flit over his Sylva’s face as she hesitantly reached out, then placed her hand over his. Quelling his eagerness, he darn well knew she was a filly who required a slow and easy hand right now. Dang, if the fireworks didn’t shoot pel mel through his loins and spike his cock. Especially as their palms joined and he stroked the soft full flesh close to her thumb with his thumb. Then, natural as you please, they held hands. As the bubbly flow of her essence filled him, he happily drowned. Zeke grinned, answering, “I whooped.”

13) Part 273 ~

Sylva welled up with a newfound happiness. No man had ever treated her with such care. She couldn’t help but hope it would continue. She smiled widely at her cowboy husband and made a silent wish he would see the appreciation in her eyes. Not that Sylva believed their relationship would always be so congenial and cozy. She had a huge feeling fireworks and not just passionate fireworks would occur at times, simply because she knew her own nature and she was beginning to understand how strong and highhanded he could be. Still, now was now. Sylva wanted to enjoy.

Zeke wandered around inside his Sylva’s brighter-than-the-noon-sky eyes with his gaze. “Did you get that, sis?” Tearing himself away, he glanced around at everyone. “Yep, got it. Mine and Grant’s are ordered,” she replied. Zeke grinned at Ranson. “What are you havin’?” Ranson answered with his own good-natured grin. “Long night ahead, looks like. I’m goin’ for a rare steak and all the trimmings. Plus, a good-sized mug of coffee.” Letting the menu roll back into a scroll, Ranson faced Zeke. “You and your bride will have to visit my home in the Smoky Mountains. Got some horses you’ll appreciate.”

NOW! It’s your turn. Add your own FIREWORKS from your books and WIPs.

Happy Fireworks and Freedom day!


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