Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sultry Sunday- An Erotica Cult Following

Recently while discussing favorite authors with acquaintances- I mentioned some names that are familiar to me- they stared blankly at me. They had no clue who these authors were. When asked what they wrote, I explained erotica (erotic romance)... well, needless to say that word (erotica) got some flushed cheeks, wide opened eyes and a few (discreetly hidden) gasps.

"You read that?" was asked.
"Well, yes," I replied, then added, "And I write it."

That did it...the shock was displayed all over their faces. I was being silently ridiculed. Once I responded to an interview and explained the difference between romance and erotic romance and how erotica brings the reader to the scene behind closed doors that few dare to go.

Can you imagine if I told them about Jeanne St. James Rip Cord or Double Dare or Elise Hepner's Sex Tool- just to name a few. **All are creative, well written and loved by me.**

So this week's Sultry Sunday is dedicated to all the erotica romance (whether M/M, F/F, etc, etc)...KUDOS to all of you. I applaud you for sharing your visions, stories and fantasies with the (and I say this lightly) cult following known as erotica.


Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, that was fascinating. I'm writing exactly what I want to be writing as far as erotic romance. If only I had time to pen all those stories I have on the ole ER burner.

Dawne Prochilo said...

It's amazing how close-minded some peole can be in public or in mexed company- but you know, I know and they know- that deep down everyone has sexual fantasies and only some dare to explore them, whether in writing or in real life.

Nicole Morgan said...

How true is that? Some people seem SO shocked but deep down I think if they gave it a chance they'd be "OMG where can I get me some more!"
LOL..thanks for sharing :)