Wednesday, July 21, 2010

8 Days a Week

Remember that Beatle song? "Eight days a week are not enough to love you." It's one of those songs I crank up on the oldies station when I hear it. ^_^ Just guitars, drums, and voice. Today, I'm sharing a different Eight Days a Week. Here's a pic to sample.

(8) Butlers in the Buff

Now these guys are some hard working gentlemen! (pardon the pun) Butlers in the Buff are only available in the UK and Australia. Lucky people! I learned about this company a few years ago and had a banner to their site on my links page.

Notice all of these guys are in great shape! They range in sizes and come in all colors. Oooh, that wasn't an intentional pun, I promise. *snickers* This is currently their official Facebook photo, and it was so yummy I had to share. My first thought was "Wow, one for each day of the week." The fact that there were eight of them brought that song to mind, and from there, the lyrics popped into my head. "Eight days a week are not enough to love you" takes on a whole new meaning when coupled *grin* with this picture.

Click the Facebook link to see more pics, find out more about these guys, and of course, to "Like" them. Heh... like is too tame a word. I also included a link to their corporate site. They have hostesses too, and can also cater a corporate party. Wouldn't that make the old office party a hoot? I want all of these guys for my Yahoo group's "pool boys" -- they would be great.

So, if you could have only one of these guys -- what the hell, let's make it two -- to serve at one of your parties, which two would it be? I'm torn, because I would definitely want the last one on the right, and then choosing one among the other seven would be seriously hard to do!


Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, oh, oh! Can't I have all of them cater my party?

Though, if push came to shove, well, I think, number two from the left, and number four... though, my goodness, variety is the spice of life!!!

Eight Days a Week is just one of those wonderful catchy Beatle tunes I adore.

KC Burn said...

That's a pretty splendid... business model. Imagine the interview process!!

Kayelle Allen said...

Of course you can, Savanna. Just call 'em up! :)

I don't know how the business model works, exactly, but I used to be a recruiter and have done hundreds of interviews. If they need someone to help them, I'd be happy to volunteer. :p