Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sinful Saturday: How Much Is Too Much?

My character's tend to like a little sin with their spice---however, with that special edge that pushes sex from yummy to OMG I NEED TO DO THAT AGAIN comes consequences whether that be emotional or otherwise. People can chase their wicked highs, whatever that might be in my manuscripts, but they better be prepared to do some thinking and reflecting afterward. So, why doesn't that happen more in real life?

Living life to the fullest even in exploring our sexuality tends to have profound moments--not all of course, otherwise I'd worry that were all perpetually stoned out of our minds and thinking a little too hard. But, anyway, I've always envied the people that can flit around their life altering experiences. People that jump out of a plane, go to sex parties for the hell of it, and generally take life by the balls----and then just shrug as if there was nothing to it! Aren't their lives supposed to be altered forever? Nope. It's just a normal day.

So how much is too much for a normally "sin"driven person? Someone who never says no and just has the need to GO? Where won't they go, what won't they do because perhaps they aren't ready for that profound moment? These are the questions I'm asking myself today because I'm writing a succulent new MS where the sky's the limit, but I tend to like to be caged rather than run around and try new things (unless it's in the bedroom). So how do I deal with character's that aren't shy and want to grab life and chase all it's sins, how do I not say no? I suppose it's time to adapt.


Dawne Prochilo said...

I also envy people who have spontaniety and can live their dreams and fantasies all in one. I'm quite satisfied with my (sex) life...but new experiences are always (and I mean always) welcome **wink-wink**

Savanna Kougar said...

Elise, more spontaneity and a whole lot more carefree time would be welcome in my life. Though, the flit thing never appealed to me, not as a lifestyle... only as at-a-party-thing.
However, with the current turn of the world, it will mostly become a bygone way to live. Or, at least, there will be a lot less opportunity to chase sin and fun that way.