Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thirteen- 13 erotic romance phrases

This week's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to erotic romance words or phrases you're guaranteed to find in novels (or at least mine) that will get your heart pumping, mind traveling with sexual thoughts and have you rearing to go for a romp in the hay.

1)Emulating essence- Whether you're referring to a man's musky, leather skin infiltrating your nostrils or a woman's heavenly scent- this is a must-have phrase in any or all of my novels.

2)Pulsating member- No explanation needed here. If one is...well, you're in the wrong business or genre.

3)(Fabric) clung to her/his hips- Gives you a great visual of swaying hips. Form fitting spandex/denim based material hugging every curve. C'mon- you're envisioning it, admit it already.

4)The vibration between her thighs- Whether a cell phone or vibrator- Oh yeah, that's what I'm talking about. You're now shutting her eyes and lulling her head back with silent pleasure. It's okay- I am too.

5)Bulge in the front of his pants- Ahhh, once again, need I say more.

6)Skirt hiked up to her waist- Great visual for any man desiring a favorite sexual position. What more could he ask for.

7)Slipped his fingers...- This phrase has endless possibilities...under the fabric of her thong comes to mind first. And yours?

8)Buried his face- And I don't mean in the sand or in a pillow. it? Good.

9)She gasped with pleasure- And not from Ben & Jerry's coming out with a new ice cream flavor.

10)Ravaged her taste- With a word like 'ravaged' in the sentence...well, that just about says it all.

11)Quivering bodies- And not from the temperatures in the dead of winter. Quivering from sexual exhaustion is more like it.

12)Flicked his tongue..., …, …, Sorry, I lost my train of thought. On her neck, her shoulder, her...**coughing slightly** get the idea.

13)Exploding orgasm- is good.


Larissa said...

LOL Great phrases and frankly they say it all... Yum! =)

Kayelle Allen said...

I'd like a #12/13 combo to go, please. Add can you supersize it? Yeah. Now that's a satisfying meal. :D

Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, fab-erotic list!

I can't claim to have used all those phrases in my erotic romances, however, my stories are often in other worlds where skirts like that don't exist, or my heroine isn't wearing a skirt... like in Branded.

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