Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What's With the Hair?!

What's so important about hair? According to Hair News magazine (yes, there really is such a publication), most people spend more time on their hair than any other aspect of their appearance. Hair affects everything – from our feeling of self-worth, professional/social/sexual confidence and generally how we view ourselves. And others. Heck, Broadway even made millions of dollars dancing and singing about HAIR. It’s that important.

Since this is a romance blog, let’s take this to the next, obvious level. Hair and sexuality are intertwined, without question. But why?

As a woman and romance reader and author, I think hair is crucial to how sexy a man is. I’ve read or written about heroes that have long hair, buzz cuts and tousled-just-this-side-of-endearing-bedhead. But one thing all of my heroes have in common: sexy hair. Even though dentistry is my bill-paying profession for the moment, not even a handsome smile does as much for me or my heroines as sexy hair. And even before I did my research for this blog, I had a good idea why…

Healthy, sexy hair is tied to virile male hotness. Okay, that’s not a scientific term, but you get my drift. Hair News states that if genitalia is the primary sexual object, hair is the secondary object. News flash! I think us gals figured that out when we hit puberty and started noticing boys. Dirty, unattractive hair on a guy tells most of us that venturing closer to his primary sexual object is probably not a good idea. And ultimately, if sex is about procreation, then I’d much rather combine my DNA with the man with great hair. No way are my chromosomes venturing near Greasy boy's or Comb-over man’s.

So, here are a few visuals of what I think work for a man, in the hair department, And a couple that don’t.

THIS WORKS (and ladies, Halle Berry cut him loose, he's single again!)

THIS DOESN'T WORK (great actor and movie, really bad hair)

THIS WORKS, TOO (look at the hair, silly!)


And finally, one of my favorite covers of a hot guy/sexy hair. And the book was great too!


Chloe Waits said...

Great post, Hair is very important! And no hair too, I love a shaved head as well!

steph said...

LOL, I never thought that much about hair! It does show if a man is basically clean and tidy though and that's always a positive thing.I'm not a fan of longer hair on men though...oh and facial hair when nicely maintained is absolutely fabulous.

Savanna Kougar said...

I've always been in love with a man's hair. And, I like long hair, or longish locks. Though some men look extraordinarily hawt with buzz cuts or shorter hair styles.

I'm wondering if that guy's red hair is real, especially since his eyebrows are so dark.

Margie Church said...

Val, On one of the threads I frequent, we have an ongoing arguement about whether actors should have their chest waxed for their performances. The chest-hair-loving ladies have it hands down - or is it fingers entwined? I get a little distracted when I start envisioning the subject! We agree that real men, have hair - not gorilla covered chests and wildebeast styles - but the soft stuff you can run your fingers through and lose your mind....

Valerie Mann said...

Thanks for the comments, all you hair lovers! As for the shaving of chest hair...I think a nekkid chest is yummy. May have something to do with the fact my honey has very little chest hair. Not that chest hair is bad, I just like hair lite, LOL. The one place a man MUST shave? His back.

Brita Addams said...

I have to add my two cents as well. I have never liked long hair on a guy, even when I was younger and it was in fashion. I like clean, combed and neatly styled. I don't like overmuch chest hair and definitely not back hair. YUCK.

I envision my heroes to have neatly cut hair, with the occasional errant lock over the forehead at the appropriate moment, but otherwise, they are respectful of their ladies and appear well-groomed.

Just my two cents. Loved the blog.

Maeve said...

I love this post but it brought to mind one of my rather PROUD bald headed co-workers. He said the true sign of a man's virility wasn't the thickness of a good head of hair but how well a man kept it worn off by bouncing his head off the headboard of his bed when he was pleasing his lady. *ahem* I told him that explained a lot about the errors he made at work. Apparently, he'd beaten his brains out.

Mary Ricksen said...

I so agree, hair is one of the most important aspects of sexual attraction.
I loved this unique topic for a blog!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Val!

Personally I like a boy with short hair, though I've seen a boy or two who looked hot with longer locks. When I was in my teens and twenties I loved a smooooooth chest, but now it looks prepubescent in real life to me (though on cover models it's still hot for whatever double standard reason.)

Anonymous said...

I (and my heroines, come to think of it) see hair, and how it's cut or styled, as an expression of personality. The rebellious oxford don, whose hair is that little bit too long; the shy or sneaky character, whose eyes are always partially hidden by a fringe; the ex-soldier, wose hair is still cropped short; the assassin, whose hair changes with each job or fake identity.

Most of my heroes, if they think about their partner's hair at all, just notice how it looks and feels on a superficial level. And their own hair (or so they claim) is the way it is, as a matter of convenience.

Hold on, I just admitted to identifying with my heroines rather than my heroes. What's that al about?

Reena Jacobs said...

I'm very much into hair on men. From a distance, it's one of the first things noticeable. Even if his features aren't visible, his hair is. :) Front, back, side--it doesn't matter which angle I come at a man...I get a glimpse of hair, unless he's Mister Clean, of course.

Maybe I take hair a little too far. I choose and supervise my husband's haircuts so I can be sure he leaves the shop looking as sexy as ever. I want great length, style, and texture.

His secondary asset gets almost as much attention from me as his primary asset. :)

Anonymous said...

I love a man with wavy hair! It may be one of the reasons I'm obsessed with Adrian Grenier. Delicious hair!
I think hair can do so much for a woman, too. A sassy cut, flipping long layers with attitude.
Great post!

Becca Dale said...

Great topic, Val so of course I had to throw in my two cents. I feel there is a difference between real life and written romance. I personally love the smooth, sexy feel of my man's hairless head (high testosterone levels he tells me ;-D) but I will not write a bald hero - unless he shaved by choice, I suppose. Even though I find my DH incredibly appealing, I doubt readers or publishers would be enthralled with a bald or balding hero. Beyond that clean is essential but length and style are dependent on the situation and heroine. Long, sleek black hair on an Lakota man who sees it as an extension of who he is can be incredibly sexy, but on a man who wears it that way because he thinks women like it is just smarmy. By that same token, a buzz cut is hot as all get out on a soldier but not so much in other situations. No clue why I think that way. Body hair is a whole different thing. :-)

Keta Diablo said...

Very nice, Jeanne, really enjoyed all the snapshots!

Best, Keta

Valerie Mann said...

Thanks for all the great comments, hair lovers! I never realized others were as hung up on a man's hair as I was!