Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sultry Sunday Office passion

Ever thought about it? Ever acted on the impulse? For those of you that have, or haven't, here's a little office passion for the women who've had that secret crush on their boss.

She repositioned herself in the chair across from him, her short skirt inching its way up even further exposing more of her tone thigh. He felt his heart skip a beat. How many times he'd imagined her in his office, skirt up around her hips, bent over his desk as he slammed into her. Every inch of his throbbing member giving her pleasure. Her words of pleasure, moans of delight and finally her outcry of orgasmic relief.

His hands firmly planted on her hips pulling her into each of his thrusts.

Her heaving breasts perfectly enveloped in her lacy black bra hovering over his desk and computer keyboard.

He felt his cock throbbing in delight as he imagined the scene. He looked at her face, so angelic but raptured with passion.

He thought of his hands grasping her long blonde hair as her head bobbed up and down orally pleasuring him until he came in her mouth. His orgasm was explosive. Her chin dripping with his cum.

"Anything else I can do for you," she asked innoently bringing him out of his reverie.

Opening his mouth to reply, she blinked, tilted her head slightly and smiled. She knew.


Valerie Mann said...

Holy crap! I can tell you I've never thought about that particular scene (or anything remotely close) with my boss! Maybe the cute lawn care guy though...

Savanna Kougar said...

Luv your ending line!

I only wish I'd ever had a boss worthy of that kind of passion.