Thursday, May 20, 2010

13 Items to bring to a bachloerette party

Were not going to get into how much fun I had at my own bachlorette party. (Chippendale's, Tequila, a stripper pole, and one drunk mother---and a mother-in-law). It was quite the night. Okay, so maybe we'll get into it a little bit. Everyone knows a bachlorette party is a sacred, drunken ritual enacted by many woman pretending to be in Sex and the City and reclaiming their last hurrah's before tying the knot. So what does someone need to have an out of this world bachlorette party?
  1.  Flashing, Glow in the Dark Jewelry. Because being the center of attention is a lot easier when a million megawatt-ed hot chicks go out into the dark.

           2 . A scavenger hunt ala Gilmore Girls, because who doesn't want to run around town looking for restaurant menus, condoms, and as many hot guy's phone numbers as you can grab?

           3. A dance off complete with 80's era dance trends, stripper pole moves, and pop music. Extra points if someone breaks out the worm!
          4. Along the same vein: Karaoke and lots of it! Try singing all of Madonna's greatest hits in one night!
          5. A "wahoo" drinking game. Anytime someone in the party screams "wahoo" everyone takes a shot.

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Savanna Kougar said...

Mygoodness, have I ever been deprived.