Friday, May 7, 2010

Flirty Friday-Get your Belly Dance On!

Okay, my ode to Flirty Friday is about the ancient, beautiful, and sensual art of Belly Dance!

                                                        Pic of Sadie, awesome Belly Dancer

Belly Dance is a Western-coined name for a traditional Middle Eastern dance, especially raqs sharqi.  Belly Dancing is as beautiful as it is mysterious; the origins are a bit uncertain, but it may be one of the oldest forms of dance. From the idea of entertainment, to ritual to maternity dance for expectant mothers, Belly Dance may be many things.

A troupe of Belly Dancers doing Tribal Style. There are many different styles and fusions of Belly Dance

 What I love the most about it, is it is very inclusive. Young or old, slender or full bodied, Belly Dance welcomes everyone, including men.
    Some of the world's best belly dancers have some belly...but no belly required. It welcomes everyone!

It can be challenging to learn but boy is it worth it! Yes, if you guessed -I am learning myself and my hubby appreciates it ;)

If you want to give your significant other a special treat, learning to Belly Dance is highly recommended. In addition to its natural seduction, it gives body confidence and flexibility!

Yet another reason Belly Dance is great, it can be very seductive, and flirtatious! Learning new movements can be very sexy! and what about putting on a little show just for them?

                        Hey Ladies! I am currently "Lost" on an Island! Can you spare a dance for me?
                        (Josh Holloway from the TV show Lost)

Listen, it could happen. You may be called to put your dance skills to use to help save a poor semi shirtless hunk from death by boredom on a deserted island. There are so many reasons to learn Belly Dance!

So, what are yours?

Chloe Waits


Mary Quast said...

I would love to learn! That is right up towards the top of my wish list. It is beautiful and seductive.

A. Catherine Noon said...

I love belly dance. I've taken classes off and on for years. I plan to start up again soon, after I switch health clubs. Love it!!

Savanna Kougar said...

Oh, I would love to learn, too. I've thought about it so often, but never been in a situation where I could just go for it!

Thanks for this fabulous blog!

Chloe Waits said...

Hi Mary and Savanna
There are some good belly dance DVDs. I don't always have time to attend regular classes. I have one by Dolphina Basic Belly Dance, and there is one by Sadie on my wish list. I am very very much a beginner.
Hi Catherine, thanks for commenting. Wow, that is a lot of experience, I am jealous. I find it challenging learning but I am trying to stick with it it's so beautiful.