Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Who Uses Social Media?

From Forrester Research, Inc
Who are they? These may be casual readers who see a shared link from a friend and click through to your site. If your website or blog engages them with information and content, they may jump to the next level. If not, they've still visited your site and come away with you and your books in mind. According to Forrester Research (see the infographic), about 70% of people who visit your site are in this category.

If you have a contest, survey, or allow commenting, voting, or sharing (like on a blog) these are the people who'll take part. Joiners often return and may also take part in some of the activities shown on the ladder above their slot in the infographic. These will be fans who interact with you on a more regular basis.

Creators are more prevalent today than ever before. The new smartphones enable them to take an active part in media, and they are more likely to get involved in what you and your site are offering. These are not all smartphone users however. Creators are also the "Conversationalists" who interact on Facebook, Twitter, forums, Yahoo groups, and your newsletters.

Knowing who these various people groups are can help you design your next contest, web design, and project to reach them. For more information, you can visit Forrester Research, who pioneered some of the research into social media.

The question now is... how will you use this information to improve your blog, website, or contest? Please feel free to share, ask, or suggest.


Savanna Kougar said...

Kayelle, that is really interesting info. In terms of myself using it, I would haven't a clue. Yeah, I am gene-deficient socially.

Kayelle Allen said...

LOL Savanna! I think I aimed that over everyone's heads this time. ^_^ Can you tell I research this subject? A lot?

Bottom line - we should expect readers of our websites and blogs to fall into three basic categories, and gear material toward all three so each finds what he/she needs. Easy peasy. Well, in English. For the most part. Usually. ;)

The Muse said...

I've been reading your site for awhile. I've never noticed an email address, and I have a question.
~Lacie (stkittyslutATgmailDOTcom)