Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A seemingly insurmountable problem

I was watching some movies the other day. They all had the common theme of facing that insurmountable problem. The one that you feel you have no way of overcoming. In one it was about a woman having an accident and ending up in a wheelchair. She refused to believe she was going to walk again despite people telling her different. Then she lost hope but her refusal to say quit came back to her and she kept at it. At it and at it until she made her goal. The insurmountable problem was conquered and kicked on it’s butt.

I’ve faced that insurmountable problem often. This is why the movie moved me so much. There has been some in my daily life that made me question why. I had to work my way through the problem. Find solutions and do all I needed to get to where I needed to be. Like the woman I kicked it’s butt and kept on going. It made me stronger than yesterday.

Now as for my writing and career. I’ve had the some insurmountable problems too. After having written so many books I still get that feeling in my stomach when I open the black page to start the story. That feeling of excitement and slight sickness. Will I be able to conquer that insurmountable problem of starting the story and I can’t wait to start? The two feeling combat each other. The fear and excitement. When I start it will I be able to finish it? After it is finished will it be any good? Will I get that contract? Will any readers buy it? If they do will they enjoy it or get it? These and many more questions fill me from blank page to completion and eventually publication. They are all a seemingly insurmountable problem.

In actuality they are not. They are what you make it. Just like everything in life. You are only limited by you. What you want to do. Your expectations and what you do to get them. Yes I do still get that feeling each time I open a document to write but I no longer see it as a seemingly insurmountable problem. I see it as a challenge that I will conquer and come out stronger than yesterday.

No matter what happens in life each seemingly insurmountable problem is nothing as long as you realize - everything can be handled one step at a time and with some belief that you will get where you need to be.

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Gem Sivad said...

Taige, I'm with you on the writing--excitement and panic at the same time. But, for me, it's always a fight to the finish, as if my psyche holds onto the characters refusing to allow them to gain adulthood and go out on their own.


Savanna Kougar said...

Taige, the writing process does feel insurmountable, at times. However, most of my life is insurmountable, so writing doesn't seem as daunting as what I go through daily.

However, I write myself into so many corners, getting through that to the end, is tough.