Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sultry Sunday- What A Girl Needs

This is another WIP, What A Girl Needs, from the erotic short story anthology that's consuming every waking hour in my life. Lovin' every minute of this novel.

Rob remembered her from earlier that evening. He saw her, just like every other sex starved carnal male in the room, as soon as she strode in to the room, short black skirt hugging her hips and low cut red camisole shirt, clinging to her every curve emphasizing her buoyant breasts, he noticed her. Oh yes, he responded to her presence. From his ogling eyes to the hardness growing in the front his pants.

As she strode through the doorway of the Stumble Inn Bar, it wasn't the light filtering into the dark room that had people looking towards the door for the disruption. It was her that created the distraction. Men stared openly in lust while their female counterparts glared in envy.

The swagger of her full hips were mesmerizing. The motion of her ass swinging from side to side was like every eyeballs comparison to a mini tennis match. To and fro. Side to side. Tantalizing every male, and possibly a few female, admirers as she advanced through the crowd of people and smoke.

Her short skirt barely inched away from her thighs as she swaggered towards the back of the room. The stretch fabric clung to her accentuating every luscious curve and toned muscle. You could tell there were no pantie lines. Thong? Or, better yet, nothing? It didn't take much for the imagination to wonder with this woman.

Her sex appeal and sultry manner was enough to make even a gay man rethink his sexual preference.

Her cotton camisole clung to her like a well-fit...wet tee-shirt at a contest. It molded to her body so you could see the outline of her skimpy bra's lacy and erect nipples. The twinge in his groin was alive and well again.


Becca Simone said...

What a great excerpt, Dawn. So, tell us about this anthology. Are you writing all the stories in it? Is there a theme? When can we expect to see it?

Savanna Kougar said...

Dawne, omy! Sex-on-a-stick excerpt. Yum.